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3 aplicativos para procurar emprego em Londres

3 aplicativos para procurar emprego em Londres

Procurar trabalho em Londres pode ser um desafio. Muitos sabem que procurar um trabalho é, em si, um trabalho. Para ajudar nossos leitores listamos 3 aplicativos que te ajudam conseguir um emprego na terra da rainha.

  1. Task Rabbit

É um aplicativo superútil que surgiu nos Estados Unidos e rumores dizem que está para chegar ao Brasil, mas nada foi confirmado ainda. O TaskRabbit na verdade conecta você, que está precisando de algum serviço, a alguém que topa fazer esse serviço. Basta cadastrar-se com seu CV, estar legalmente no país e ter histórico limpo com a polícia local para tornar-se um “Tasker”. Você pode escolher o quanto cobrar por seus serviços. Apesar de ter opções para trabalhar em escritório o foco do aplicativo é para serviços braçais (empregada, pintor etc). É uma ótima maneira de conseguir dinheiro extra na Inglaterra, e muitos já usam o app como trabalho integral.


Mesmo esquema que o Task Rabbit mas este app é somente para trabalhos domésticos.


Gosta de tirar fotografias ? Use o app Foap. Você pode colocar o preço que quiser por suas fotografias.  Pessoas e empresas  estão sempre à procura de fotos originais e autênticas, e você pode se surpreender em quanto dinheiro você pode fazer com uma foto de seu gato.

A LondonHelp4U é uma agência de imigração com 17 anos de experiência em processos de vistos para o Reino Unido. Nossa missão é proporcionar, cada dia mais,  acesso ao Reino Unido para imigrantes brasileiros.

Quer falar com a gente? Nos contate por telefone +55 11 3283 0906 (Brasil) ou +44 0207 636 8500 (Reino Unido) ou por e-mail

Tire suas dúvidas, marque uma consulta, torne processos burocráticos fáceis e rápidos com a ajuda da #LH4U.

Para mais dicas e informações sobre imigração e a Inglaterra, acompanhe nossas redes sociais.

Casando no Reino Unido: saiba quais os vistos necessários

Marriage by Power of Attorney in Brazil

Did you know that it is possible to marry without having to be present at the ceremony? Marriage by proxy is an increasingly common practice, and Brazilian law allows this type of marriage, even without the absence of one of the couple or even of both.

If it is impossible for one or both sides to attend the place and date of the civil marriage ceremony, it may be celebrated through the presence of attorneys-in-fact established by the bride and groom by a public power of attorney made in a notary’s office, granting special powers to the trustee to receive in name of the grantor, the other party in marriage. This power of attorney may be made at any notary’s office, but it must be done exclusively for this specific purpose and has a maximum validity of 90 days.

LondonHelp4U recommends that a public power of attorney be given giving the right person only the right to perform the marriage ceremony. The power of attorney must be made by the Brazilian Consulate in the case of the Brazilian spouse. The foreign spouse who does not have Brazilian citizenship must perform the power of attorney at one of the public notaries located in the United Kingdom. The Brazilian Consulate offers a list where you can choose the nearest public notary. For more information, please contact CartorioHelp4U. CartorioHelp4U is part of the LondonHelp4U group.

Home Office releases document granting residence rights to EU immigrants during Brexit transition

How to validate your university degree in the UK?

Validating diplomas in England requires patience and perseverance and the costs may be high, but it is a successful career investment in England. Firstly, in England, each profession is regulated by a body of its own, which is responsible for the validation of its Brazilian diploma. As there is a considerable variation between the professional qualification courses in Brazil and in England, the first step will be to know exactly what is the equivalence of your Brazilian course here. For this there is the NARIC (National Recognition Information Center), a government agency that advises foreigners on how to validate their professional and academic qualifications here.

From the analysis of its documentation, NARIC can provide a Statement of Comparability, attesting to the equivalence of its Brazilian qualifications, a document that is not required to revalidate its diploma, but may be required by some educational institutions or employers. NARIC can also issue a more complete document called the Career Path Report, which, in addition to equivalence, provides detailed information about your profession and guidelines for exercising it in England. If you dismiss the NARIC consultancy because you already know the equivalence of your diploma, you can go directly to the agency responsible for your profession. Health care personnel can obtain information on the council’s website in England, which is the HCPC – Health and Care Professions Council. If you are a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, for example, this is the organ to which to go.

Those who do not have European nationality and have graduated in medicine outside the UK will have to take an exam called PLAB – Professional and Linguistic Assessment Boards, before practicing medicine in England. On the website of the GMC – General Medical Council, the UK General Medicine Board, you will find the information necessary to recognize your qualifications and practice your profession legally in the country. What about the Brazilian dentists who are so successful in Europe? The body responsible for validating the diploma is the GDC – General Dental Council, which is equivalent to our CFO – Federal Council of Dentistry in Brazil. On their website you will find the guidelines for doing the ORE – Overseas Registration Exam, mandatory for those who want to take care of British smiles but did not graduate in the UK. The exam consists of a written test and a clinical test, which do not need to be done together. Four attempts are allowed on each test; after passing the written exam, you will have up to five years to do the clinical part.

Fluency in English

To practice your profession legally in England, you need to have full command of the English language. Unless you have a European passport, you will have to prove your fluency through the IELTS – International English Language Testing System. The IELTS exam is composed of four segments: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In each of these segments of the exam, you will receive a grade from 1 to 9. The minimum average required to revalidate Brazilian diplomas is 7, but you can not take less than 6.5 in any part of the exam. The proof of the IELTS result, which is valid for 2 years, will be one of the documents to be presented in the application for validation of your Brazilian diploma. 

 Important: all documents will have to be translated in English.

Novas regras imigratórias para cidadãos europeus no Reino Unido

Minuto Legal: Home Office releases document granting residence rights to EU immigrants during Brexit transition 

Home Office releases document granting residence rights to EU immigrants during Brexit transition 

EU immigrants coming to Britain during the Brexit transition will have the right to live permanently in the UK. The grant released in a paper by the Home Office last Wednesday (28). The proposal reveals that EU immigrants arriving after March 2019 will receive a five-year temporary residence permit. The document also informs that EU immigrants wishing to stay long-term in the country will have to register within three months of arrival in the UK. There will also be a three-month “window” at the end of Brexit’s transition period for applications that ensure there are no gaps. Irish citizens will not be required to register.

Immigration officials continue to use data from NHS patients to search for illegal immigrants

Ministers rejected the proposal to immediately suspend the disclosure of confidential NHS patient data to the Home Office to track unverified immigrants in the UK. A letter from the Home Office reveals that 1,297 applications were filed in the past three months by immigration officials about patient data, including home addresses.

Increase in the number of doctors leaving the UK since the referendum on Brexit

The latest immigration figures show a drop in immigration from Europeans arriving in the UK since Brexit’s victory in the referendum. This affects, according to the Business UK website, particularly the NHS, which suffers from lack of hospital staff. According to the website, the decrease in immigration from Europeans and the strict visa rules imposed by the government have led to the demotivation of doctors wishing to work in the UK. The figures released last Wednesday (28) showed that there are more than 100,000 jobs in the NHS, of which 9.5 are doctors vacancies.

Debate on immigration dominates the elections in Italy

Immigration became a central theme in the run-up to the Italian elections next Sunday, March 4. According to Italian newspapers, tensions are high in relation to the number of immigrants arriving and living in the country that has received thousands of immigrants for parts degraded by war or regions of Africa in recent years. Around 600 thousand people have made the dangerous journey through the Mediterranean Sea and landed on the Italian shores in the last four years. According to the press, Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition has the best chance of winning the Italian election that wants to expel immigrants

Tips for keeping warm during cold weather in Europe

Tips for keeping warm during cold weather in Europe

The Brazilians are living in the United Kingdom are among those suffering by this unexpected wave of cold in the last few days. It called the Beast from East, which has been chastising Europe this week. Since last Friday, the cold has left 45 dead across Europe. Even the countries used to harsh winters, such as Sweden and Denmark. They are facing an over-the-top cold season in early March. UK weather services advised people to stay home because of weather. LondonHelp4U recommends tips for staying warm during this cold season in the UK.
  • Eat to help keep your body warm and make sure you drink hot drinks as well. 
  • Do not stay quiet for more than an hour or more at home. Get up and stretch your legs and stay active – even a moderate exercise can help keep you warm.
  • Make sure to always wash hands before each meal. In winter we are more vulnerable to many conditions, including flu.
  • If you get the flu, schedule a free consultation with the NHS.
  • Drink a lot of water. The skin tends to become drier because of the climate and use of the heater at home. water improves the body’s functioning.
  • Avoid agglomerations during the winter.
  • Use several thick-layered clothing to protect yourself from the cold – clothing made of cotton, wool or fibers.
  • Wrap a scarf loosely around your mouth when outdoors – add whenever possible, wear gloves, boots, and burrows.
  • If you have a heart or breathing problem, stay indoors in very cold weather.
  • If the person is 65 or over, or have a health condition, such as heart or lung disease, heat your home to at least 18C
  • Babies should sleep in rooms heated to between 16C and 20C to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Get your heating system checked regularly by a qualified professional.