Month: July 2018

Novas regras imigratórias para cidadãos europeus no Reino Unido

Home Office releases online kit for European citizens

The Home Office has released an online kit for European citizens that wish to remain in The UK post Brexit. The aim is to prepare businesses, employers and immigrant communities for Brexit changes that may affect UE citizens in the country. The kit includes videos, step-by-step guides, leafleats, banners, and will be available for free on the British Government website. The guide was released last Thursday in a meeting with companies, government agencies and communitary groups in the UK. The secretary Sajid Javid, said on the occasion: “our system will offer safety and assuramce for EU citizens that live in the United Kingdom. Employers, charity institutions and industry groups will develop a vital role in guaranteeing they can reafirm the new immigration status in a quick and easy way. 

Still according to Sajid Javid, the kit will reach all European citizens living in The UK. The new system will be tested in phases still this year, but according to the Home Office, it will be completely available on the 30th of March, 2019 and the deadline for applications will be on the 30th of June, 2021. More details about how EU citizens and their families can obtain the immigration status in the United Kingdom will be published in the Home Office website and in Londonhelp4u’s blog.

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Legal minute: job offers in the United Kingdom hit a new record high

According to Business Insider, the number of job offers has hit a record high, with 824 thousand vacancies available in the United Kingdom. This is the highest number of job offers since the year of 2001. During the period in which the data was analysed, 32.4 million people employed, which represents the largest number of people employed in the United Kingdom since the 1970’s. Besides, wages have increased more than the inflation, showing a real increase to incomes in the United Kingdom.

The number of British citizens who believe immigrant workers are good for the United Kingdom has increased

The amount of British citizens who believe immigrant workers are a positive impact in the UK’s economy has risen to 47%, according to a research by British Social Attitudes. Just over a third of the British said the same in 2015, and only 21% in 2013. According to CNN, the results suggest the the attitude towards immigrants has weakened since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Detention for indefinite time may soon be over, Home Office secretary says

The Home Office secretary, Sajid Javid has announced that indefinite immigrant detention may be extinct in response to a highly critical report published by Stephen Shaw. In a note to the Parliament, Sajid Javid said that he would review the detention time and how it works in other countries for a better debate in the United Kingdom. The information is from The Guardian. 

Theresa May has announced she will personally conduct Brexit negotiations

There may has announced she will personally take control of Brexit negotiations with the EU. The announcement has ben made through a written declaration by the prime minister, making the change official. Dominic Raab, the minister who had been named repsonsible for the process will now be limited to be just May’s advisor. 

Parlamento aprova projeto de lei do Brexit e rejeita garantia dos direitos dos europeus

United Kingdom will remain under European laws’ jurisdiction after Brexit

Brexit negotiations are still being ajusted according to decisions taken between the prime minister Theresa May and the European Union. The lastest deal so far is that the UK will remain under EU laws’ jurisdiction for at least 21 after leaving the EU. Therefore, the 1972 Act will be completely revoked only after the transition period, in late 2020 – instead of the exit day, March 29th.

According to Sky News, this measure was taken to provide more stability to business and individuals so that there is a continuous effect in the process of leaving the European Union. The negotiation has caused irritation between those who were in favor of Brexit, and created a legal paradox, because Great Britain will no longer have a chair in the European parliament, even when remaining under most of Brussels’ laws.

The Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, stated that most proposals were a clear signal from Brussels that “The UK is a trustworthy and dependent negotiation partner”. He highlighted that only some parts of the European law would be followed after Brexit’s D day, March 29th. Keri Starmer from labour party criticised the deal by saying it was an eufemism and that the government’s key act would be the leaving the EU.

He also claimed “The European Communnities act of 1972 is revoked when UK leaves the European zone. We warned that “time would not be enough, and that it would have to be erased – here is the proof”, the politician said in the House of Commons in London. Steve Baker, a Brexit minister, who has recently renounced from Theresa’s May cabinet, called it the least worst mecanism to revoke the old law. 

Temperatures are still high in The UK

For over a month, the United Kingdom has been facing high temperatures. The British government has issued a level 3 heat alert for east and southeast regions. The level 4 is already considered a national emergency. The alert must last until Friday, because it is expected that temperatures will hit their peak between Thursday and Friday this week. 

According to the BBC, some areas in England have hit 34 degrees, and the Met Office does not rule out the possibility of temperatures hitting over 34 degrees.

Besides everything, the current heatwave still has not overcome the one in 2015, when London registered 36 degrees, the highest temperature ever registered in the United Kingdom. Adding to that, the United Kingdom is facing a dry season, with rain levels under 20% of what is normally expected for this time of the year.

The NHS and the Met Office recommend that people avoid the sun during the heatwave and have extra care with small children. The Met Office also advises to avoid exposure to the sun between 11 AM and 3 PM, and to keep hydrated to avoid risk of sunstroke. In some hospitais, the number of patients arriving because of the heatwave has already equaled to the ones admitted in winter because of respiratory diseases.

*Photo: BBC

London is elected the most popular city in the world for work

London has been granted the title of most popular city in the world for work by an agency that studies tedencies in immigration workforce. However, the UK’s popularity has gone down in general. The study carried by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has pointed out London’s proeminence as a global financial city, suit for business and culture, doesn’t seem to have been shaken by Brexit. 

The study had already been carried out four years ago, and the English capital had already gotten the first place in the research that time. This time, around 336.000 foreign workers from almost 200 countries have been interviewed, and London has beat New York, Berlin, and Barcelona again. In the first analysis made in 2014, however, the United Kingdom held the second position, falling to the fifth this time. 

“London, without a doubt, is one of the best places in the world to work and live, and it’s fantastic news that out message that London is still open for business has been heard loud and clearly”, the mayor Sadiq Khan celebrated. Mike Booker, who supported the research and is the director of TotalJobs, said: “While the United Kingdom may have lost a bit of its’ glow, London is still a top destination for talents from around the world, even post-Brexit”. 

Top 5 cities for workers in the world:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Berlin
  4. Barcelona
  5. Amsterdam