Month: August 2018

Legal Minute: Britons could lose access to bank accounts in the UK with a “no-deal” Brexit

Britons could lose access to bank accounts in the UK with a “no-deal” Brexit

According to The Guardian, customers would have to face slower and more expensive credit card payments when they buy EU products, and british citizens who live in EU countries may even lose access to their bank accounts in case a no-deal Brexti happens.

UK and EU have continuous negotiations to get to a deal

The UK and the EU have agreed to maintain Brexit conversations to produce more progress in the deal. “Negotiations are now in the final fase”, said Michel Barnier, the French ex minister who is now leading EU negotiations.

Dominic Raab, who became a Brexit secretary last month, after a series of layoffs, said: “ We need to intensiva negotiations as we enter the final fase and we have agreed to meet regularly to solve these remaining issues”. The information is from The Guardian.

Theresa May could open Great Britain’s borders for products under a “no-deal” Brexit

The government, that would face an increase in customs control if it doesn’t guarantee a deal with Brussels, starts now studying new technical options that could minimize issues on its’ borders. The government would open its borders unilaterally in Great Britain for all products in an attempt to avoid chaos in posts. The information is from Business Insider.

Minuto legal: pesquisa revela a importância dos imigrantes para a economia do Reino Unido

The future of european citizens is guaranteed in an eventual comercial disagreement with the EU, secretary says

According to Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab’s interview, given to the BBC, the UK will “move rapidly” to guarantee the future of european citizens, in case of a commercial disagreement between The UK and the EU. “We value EU citizens’ contributions here in the UK and I am confident that, in an unlikely event of not getting to a deal, we will rapidly advance in this issue to guarantee this position”, he said. 

According to Raab, the UK has a moral obligation with EU citizens, and must correpond with ambition and pragmatism so that these gaps between both can be overcomed. On the other hand, Michel barnier, the main negotiator in the EU, has warned about a possible “guilt game” in case of no deals. Barnier has stated that there still are disagreements in economic matters and that the EU would not abandon its’ principles when it comes about the integrity of a unified market. 

In the past few weeks, there has been growing attention to the possibility of getting to no deals, and this week the government must still publish a series of technical warnings destined to prepare for this scenario. Both sides have agreed that negotiations will continue with no interruptions to try and guarantee a deal before 29 March 2019, when the UK will leave the EU. Barnier has indicated that a deal can be postponed until early november.