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Do you want to work in the UK with a visa? These 13 sites will help you

There are plenty of websites that offer jobs from companies abroad that will actually sponsor a visa.
Most of these jobs are in IT and engineering, but you will find plenty of jobs in other areas, like health care, education, and business.

We have categorized the websites on tech and non-tech specific jobs, to save you some time. Take a look at the websites below, if you’re ready to get a job abroad!


HNHIRING indexes jobs posted on Hacker News’ Who is Hiring?. All listed jobs are in tech and employers are located in various countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. No filter is available, so use ctrl + f to search for visa.


At Honeypot, you will have to undergo a technical screening before getting access to job offers. The website specializes in recruiting for European tech companies. is a career marketplace for tech jobs throughout Europe. This website works as a career matchmaker, so is a lot more involved in the recruitment process compared to some of the other websites.


RelocateMe is another IT recruitment agency for European companies. All jobs offer relocation and visa sponsorship.

Stack Overflow Jobs

Stack Overflow Jobs lists employment opportunities for developers and does not specialize in visa sponsoring recruitment. However, you can conveniently use the filter for visa sponsors and relocation packages under Perks.


At TechMeAbroad you’ll find job listings from tech startups and tech companies all over the world. Not only will you find job posts from employers based in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, but also South America and Africa.


If you are a developer, designer, network engineer or marketing professional looking to work abroad, you should check out VanHack. All jobs on VanHack sponsor work visa and offer relocation.

Visa Ok

Visa Ok specializes in job listings from employers in the IT sector. They also have useful visa guides for over 20 countries.


AngelList does not only list tech and startup jobs but also helps startups find investors. Considering some countries have generous investment visa schemes, investing in a startup could also be a viable path to a visa to your dream country. On the job listing part of the website, you will be able to see salaries up-front and compare jobs using their salary tool. No third party recruiters are involved, so you will be able to speak directly to founders and hiring managers. Use the filter to find employers that are willing to sponsor your visa.


Not only does Jobbatical list jobs from employers all over the world, but also offers remote jobs. Jobbatical hosts these job listings themselves, so you have to apply through the Jobbatical website, instead of being redirected to listings on individual company websites.


On the well-known website for professional networking, you will find lots of jobs on their dedicated page. Most of them are looking for local candidates. However, you will find plenty of job listings using keywords like visa, sponsorship, H1Bor similar keywords depending on the country you want to move to.

Visa Job Offers

Visa Job Offers lists job offers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and The Netherlands in various sectors.

Willing To Sponsor

Willing to sponsor aggregates their job listings from websites like Indeed, Stack Overflow and ZipRecruiter and are from employers all over the world. Most jobs seem to be in tech, but you can use the filter to find jobs in other industries.

Source: Expatible

London – What to do in the city when it rains

 Everyone knows that London weather in autumn and winter is cold and cloudy with brief and constant rainfall. If it rains during a day off, do not worry! You can take your time to do at least one of these five things while you wait for the rain to go away!

#1 Visit one of London’s museums

Enjoy a rainy day at the free museums of London. National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, British Museum, Museum of London, National History Museum, Science Museum.

#2 Watch a musical in one of the city’s famous theaters

The musicals in London are one of the biggest attractions of the city and undoubtedly is a magical experience. If it is difficult to walk around the city during the rain, enjoy one of the most famous musicals: King Lion, Wicked, Aladdin, Les Miserables, and Mamma Mia.

#3 Go to London’s top markets

The markets of London are authentic and unique, you can not miss knowing at least one of them. To escape the rain choose a market that is covered, such as the Covent Garden Market, Old Spitalfields Market or the Borough Market.
#4 Have fun in a traditional London pub

London has countless pubs around town, enjoy drinking craft beers while having fun with a board game or pub quiz.

#5 Go shopping

Shopping at the street during a rainy day is uncomfortable. The best option is to go to a shopping center, such as Westfield Stratford City (Europe’s largest shopping center) or Westfield London. In them, you find shops of different brands and food, enough to spend much of your time.

Legal Minute: UK and EU officials have agreed the draft text of a Brexit agreement

The EU and UK have agreed on a 585-page text that covers citizens’ rights, the Brexit divorce bill and unlocked the thorny issue of avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Transition period

Michel Barnier said the withdrawal agreement ensured there would be a transition period of 21 months with the possibility of an extension by mutual agreement. The agreement actually says that the period could be extended to the year “20xx”.

“No guarantees”

Barnier also conceded that securing backing for the provisional Brexit deal struck with the UK would be difficult as he unveiled a new customs union along with a joint pledge to keep the EU and UK in permanent regulatory lockstep.

14 romantic things to do in London

Most couples do not consider London as a romantic destination and prefer to visit places like Paris and Florence. Despite this, the city has a lot to offer and you will probably fall in love further exploring these fourteen suggestions of romantic things to do in London.

#1 Have a picnic in St. James Park

Wine and dine in style (and with a view of Buckingham Palace) at London’s St. James Park. It’s a quieter park than most in the evening, and a lovely place to wander around before parking and picnicking. For a luxurious picnic, hampers can be purchased at Fortnum & Mason up the road. Alternatively, pop into any M&S or Waitrose and pick up a bunch of ready to eat goodies and a bottle of wine.

#2 Sip wine by candlelight at Gordon’s Wine Bar

Gordon’s Wine Bar is perhaps the coziest spot in London – if you can get a seat inside, that is! Get there early and stake out a spot, then sit and enjoy a bottle of wine by candlelight. As you sit there chatting, you can feel the rumble of the trains going by. If you’re feeling peckish, they offer a lovely selection of cheeses.

#3 Cruise down the Thames at sunset

There is nothing more wonderful than experiencing London’s sights at sunset. City Cruises offers a range of cruises down the Thames, including themed dinner cruises and show cruises. The routes vary, but almost all of them pass under Tower Bridge and float by Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament. It’s a great way to get unobstructed views of some of London’s most popular sights. Plus, champagne on a boat at sunset? Sounds like a perfect romantic night in London!

#4 Spend a day wandering around Kew Gardens

Head southwest towards Richmond and spend the day at the Royal Botanical Gardens and Kew. The beautiful landscape features 60,000+ plants, glasshouses, and even a treetop walkway. Learn about bees at The Hive, admire the stunning Palm House, and marvel at the Princess of Wales Conservatory, where you can transport yourselves throughout the world as you explore the ten different climatic zones. Each season looks completely different at Kew, so it’s worth a visit year round. At Christmas, the entire place is transformed into Christmas at Kew, which features innovative light displays, Christmas goodies, and an incredible light show timed to Christmas music.

#5 Take in a performance at the Royal Opera House

There are few things more romantic than wining and dining before taking in a performance at the Royal Opera House. The building itself holds so much beauty and history; add in an opera or an incredible ballet performance, and it’ll truly be a dream worthy night.

#6 Dine in a romantic restaurant

London’s culinary scene is absolutely thriving, with new concept restaurants opening all the time featuring cuisines from all over the world. While there is no shortage of restaurants to choose from, there are definitely some that stand out when it comes to the romance factor. Here are some of the best options for a romantic date night in London.

#7 Watch the sunset from the sky

It seems like a new skyscraper is revealed in London each year, and every one offers some sort of bar or restaurant with stunning views. Head up to any of them for an evening drink and to watch the sunset. Or, for a great view of all of the skyscrapers, head to The Aviary.

#8 Cozy up by a pub fire with a board game

In the winter, it’s the pubs that offer an open fireplace. Get to the pub early to snag a spot near the fire, then park yourselves there for a few hours. Many pubs have board games that you can borrow; otherwise, bring your own deck of cards and just enjoy a lazy afternoon together with a couple of pints.

#9 Wander around one of London’s picturesque neighborhoods

Spend a day just wandering around hand in hand, finding your own favorite spots that you can return to every time you visit London. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than having a memory that is yours together. Some great neighborhoods to explore include South Kensington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, and Greenwich.

#10 Watch theatre by candlelight at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, an indoor theatre next to Shakespeare’s Globe, hosts performances year round. The performances are lit entirely by candlelight, with actors even carrying around candelabras while acting. It’s an incredibly romantic form of entertainment! Next door, the beautifully decorated Swan offers great pre & post-theatre dining options, as well as drinks.

#11 Taste your way around Borough Market

Is there anything more romantic than trying new things together? Spend an afternoon wandering around Borough Market, tasting every food you can imagine. Stalls offer everything from fresh fruit & veg to warm baked goods. There’s even an entire shop dedicated to olive oil! Finish off your visit with a street food lunch and a wander along South Bank.

#12 Enjoy champagne on a trip around the London Eye

While the London Eye is usually classed as perhaps the most touristy things to do in London, there is nothing better than admiring one of London’s most iconic sights, Big Ben, with a glass of champagne in hand. Book one of the ‘special pods’ for your trip around the London Eye to enjoy a champagne or chocolate tasting during your journey. Alternatively, if you want to go above and beyond in the name of romance, a full pod can be booked for a private dinner.

#13 Sneak out for a midnight meal at Duck & Waffle

Duck & Waffle not only overs stunning views over London and delicious menu options, but it is also open 24/7. Beat the crowds by sneaking out for a meal in the middle of the night. The late night menu is surprisingly robust!

#14 Take a walk in Hampstead Heath

Despite its extremely central location, Hampstead Heath feels totally disconnected from the hustle and bustle of London. Go for a wander through the park with your loved one and you will immediately feel like you have been transported to the countryside. On the north side of the park, Kenwood House is a historic home featuring an impressive art collection. On the south side, it’s all about Parliament Hill, which offers stunning views over London.

Source: Two Drifters