Year: 2019


Unfortunately, very often applicants do not pay the necessary attention to the accuracy of the submitted documentation, avoiding the required procedures and rules. However, this can be a turning point in a decision-making process – and this is what happened to our Client.

One of LondonHelp4u clients – an active company incorporated in London sought to employ a foreign worker (outside the EEA). The reason being that the foreign candidate possessed specific skills and knowledge required for a new project launched by the company. According to the British immigration law, in order to employ a foreign worker, a company has to have a Sponsor Licence. This is an obligatory rule which will enable the company to sponsor Tier 2 (work) visa.

Following this rule, our Client firstly applied for a Sponsor Licence on their own, without legal assistance. The application was rejected due to the reason that not all necessary documentation was provided and not in the correct format.

Our Client launched a start-up with a focus on medicine development, so they were not ready to give up that easily. The new application was made with the assistance of LH4U that addressed and corrected all the issues raised in the rejection letter.

LH4U, therefore, managed to achieve a positive decision for the business.

We are glad to announce that now our Client can develop their newly launched projects with the help of skillful foreign workers. We believe, that not only British society but the rest of the world will benefit from it, which would be impossible without the right people on board.

LondonHelp4U is proud to offer a one-stop-shop package to those clients looking for a complete immigration service. This service includes all advice and work needed for an immigration application. Our specialist team will case manage every detail of your application to ensure that once submitted your application has the greatest possible chance of being successful.

Legal Minute: Nigel Farage has launched new Brexit Party; Brexit will not only impact large economies and more

Nigel Farage has launched his new Brexit Party

Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage has launched his new Brexit Party, saying he wants a “democratic revolution” in UK politics. The launch comes after Prime Minister Theresa May agreed a Brexit delay to 31 October with the EU, with the option of leaving earlier if her withdrawal agreement is approved by Parliament. From BBC.

The EU had adopted the “necessary contingency measures” for Brexit

The EU has “nothing to gain” from the disruption a no-deal Brexit would bring to the UK, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said. Mr Juncker said the EU had adopted the “necessary contingency measures” but said only those who seek to undermine the global legal order would benefit from such an exit. From ITV.

Brexit will not only impact large economies

Brexit will not only impact large economies, but even more so small countries with a relatively higher level of exports to the UK market. From WEF.

UK suspends visa enrolment for American citizens because of a technical issue

UK suspends visa enrolment for American citizens applying for work, study or settlement visa because of a ‘technical issue’, Home Office says. Americans have been turned away from application centres which take the necessary fingerprints and photographs because of the suspension in service. From The Guardian.

Legal Minute: Britain will remain as a member state of the EU until 31 October

Britain will remain as a member state of the EU until 31 October

Debate among the EU leaders concluded with the prime minister being offered a longer extension, with the option to leave earlier if Theresa May can secure Commons support for the Brexit deal, after a Franco-German carve-up of the UK’s future. From The Guardian.

The government has already begun handing out British passports that do not carry the words “European Union” on the cover

The two words were missing from burgundy passports issued this week as the government had initially prepared for Brexit day to be on 29 March. The Home Office said some passports with the words European Union would still be issued while the remaining stock is used up, and that members of the public would not be able to choose between the two. From Independent.

The Home Office rejects more than 70% of requests to waive fees for immigration

More than 70% of UK immigration and nationality fee waiver requests by destitute are rejected. Lawyers and campaigners say the “shocking figures” are indicative of a culture of disbelief within the Home Office and the complexity of the application process. From The Guardian.

ID cards a possibility after Brexit, says UK immigration minister

Ministers could potentially consider some type of post-Brexit ID card system for the UK, the immigration minister has said, saying this would be a response to the sheer complexity of residence rules once free movement ends. From The Guardian.