Month: September 2019

LEGAL MINUTE: MPs return and what it means for Brexit

With the ruling against the government in the Supreme Court, we had another tumultuous week in the British Parliament. Check out the main news and how this may affect Brexit deal with the UE.
And more: immigration in the UK.

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled. From BBC.


The citizenship rights and interests of nearly a million children of EU parents have been overlooked in the Brexit turmoil. From iNews.


EU governments admit that a new Brexit extension would be likely to take the pressure off both sides to make the compromises necessary to agree a new deal. However, the bottom line is that Europe’s leaders are unsure whether Boris Johnson would be willing to make Brexit compromises. From BBC.


MPs seek way to make Boris Johnson request Brexit extension earlier. From The Guardian.


Twenty-three people suspected of trying to smuggle migrants across the English Channel have been arrested. From BBC.


Hanifa Yousoufi, 26, and a fellow female mountaineer, Freshta Ibrahimi, 27, were distraught after the Home Office rejected their visa applications last Friday, even though empowering women in Afghanistan through adventure sports is an area Britain supports. From Sky News.


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Tier 4 to Tier 2: Stay in the UK after graduation

Switch your Tier 4 student visa to Tier 2 work visa

When you are about to finish your course, many thoughts can cloudy your mind: jobs, career and, of course, your visa. If you are studying abroad, you valuate an international experience and you should not waste any opportunity to stay in the UK and improve your professional life.

At this point, you probably went through all the pressure that university can take from someone and we congratulate your achievement. Is very important to keep this in mind when you want to pursue a career and not let anything stop your dreams from coming true.

The hardest job is to get a job!

If Tier 4 is your current visa, the next step is to receive a job offer from a company that is licensed by the Home Office to sponsor workers under Tier 2 visa. After that you are very close to stay in the UK (with your family or dependents!).

Tier 2 is a Points Based System visa and you must score points for attributes – that includes having a valid certificate of sponsorship, English language skills and funds.

The decision is usually within 8 weeks of the application date if use the standard service. After approved is possible to stay in the UK for up to 5 years.

Important: make sure your current visa is still valid before applying for the new one AND you must not travel outside of the UK until you get a decision.

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*Article originally published on WhatsOn Student Guide


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Legal Minute: Parliament suspended, Supreme Court hearing and Brexit

The third and final day of the Supreme Court hearing into whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament. A decision from the court is due “early next week”. From BBC.


British immigration officials have warned migrants in northern France they are being lied to by people smugglers promising them a better life in the UK. From Sky News.


The Polish ambassador to the UK has written to Poles living in Britain urging them to “seriously consider returning to their homeland” after Brexit, and as Poland’s economic surge continues. From Independent.


European students at Scottish universities will be able to complete their courses after Brexit, the UK Education Secretary has pledged. From Glasgow Live.


There’s been a rapid rise in the number of British nationals living in the Netherlands applying to become Dutch since the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. From BBC.


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