Every place has its characteristics, does not it? There are always negative and positive points to think about when we are considering a move, but today we will bring you 5 good reasons to move to the UK. Want to know which ones? Come with us!

1 – Reception

Nothing better than to get in a new place and be welcomed, is not it? England, especially London is known for an open and receptive place. There are immigrants everywhere, in different languages and cultures living together in search of dreams and a better life.

Every transition is difficult at first, but being in a place that receives you with open arms makes all the difference in the process of adaptation.

2 – Quality of life and accessibility

Most people who migrate are looking to improve the quality of life. Of course, hazards exist anywhere, but walking the streets with tranquility is undoubtedly a relief. In addition, you can obtain on excellent public schools and an efficient health system.

In general, it is all accessible, public transport, for example, is used efficiently by all, as well as affordable prices from market items as technological products.

3 – Respect

Although isolated cases of intolerance, such as terrorist attacks, England is a land known for the great respect that exists among the citizens. You’ll see people in different styles on the street, sometimes dressed extravagantly, and few people will notice or talk on it.

It is also common to note that although very kind and educated, natives are not usually involved in personal matters or making judgments about the privacy of other people.

4 – New culture

Getting involved in a new culture, meeting people with lifestyles different from yours and learning a new language helps you change your view of the world and develop. Every day is an apprenticeship because even after years of living in the country you can still come across curiosities and differences that you did not know about.

Living in a new country is to add knowledge to your life baggage.

5 – Leisure

Not all entertainment and fun are related to massive spending and this is one of the advantages of living in the UK. There are numerous beautiful parks where you can spend the day reading a book, picnicking or even sunbathing during the summer. For those who enjoy culture and art, there are several museums free or at low prices.

Do you also dream of living in the UK? What do you think of these good reasons? LondonHelp4U can help you realize this dream.

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