Brexit uncertainty for EU workers in UK

Three-quarters of European Union workers currently in the UK would have been ineligible to come and work in Britain if a future government acted on recommendations made by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) this week. Following the new immigration system suggested by the MAC, the UK should prioritize highly skilled workers with minimum wage jobs of £ 30,000 per year, while low-skilled immigration would be controlled.

Since the announcement of Brexit, with uncertainty about the future labor situation of European citizens, the British market was already feeling the negative impact on the availability of candidates for temporary or permanent jobs. Following the new rules, UK companies are likely to suffer even more from the deficiency of workers, which could have a disastrous impact on the British economy, which is why many argue that instead of trying to absurdly reduce migration the government should encourage employers to pay and train more.
With regard to the labor rights of European citizens, the report of the surveys carried out by the institute states that most British workers support the continuation of the rights of EU workers after Brexit. 73% of the people surveyed support the protection or extension of the Working Time Directive, while the same percentage wants to broaden or maintain the rights of temporary workers.

The study suggests that the best method of harmonizing workers’ rights across the UK and the EU would be a “common set of rules” approach. These rules would be updated over time to cause any new EU employment legislation into UK law. However, this approach can only be taken in the case of a “high integration” relationship between the UK and the EU where there are few trade barriers. The survey also emphasizes the strong dependence of the UK economy on low-skilled labor, which would be of great concern to businesses, especially hospitality, such as hotels and restaurants, construction and health.

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