Brexit: Register of EU nationals in UK should start by end of 2018

Register of EU nationals in UK should start by end of 2018

The registration of 3 million EU nationals in Britain will begin by the end of next year, according with “The Guardian”.

Amber Rudd says Home Office’s default position will be to accept the applications. The Home Secretary said 1,200 extra staff were to be recruited by next April to provide an “easy access” registration process. The Treasury had so far made £50m available to fund the preparation costs this financial year for the new registration system.

Rudd tried to reassure MPs in the face of recent scepticism about the capacity of the Home Office to deliver the registration of 3 million EU nationals. She accepted there had been mistakes in individual cases for which apologies had been made.

The home secretary said the default position would be to accept EU nationals’ applications for “settled status” if they qualified. Online checks with HM Revenue and Customs/Department for Works and Pensions records would be made, with the applicant’s consent, as would identity and criminal background inquiries. Those who fail criminal record checks or identity checks may be rejected.

The home secretary confirmed the details on the rights to family reunion of EU nationals in the UK have yet to be agreed in the negotiations. These include the introduction of minimum income thresholds to bring in non-EU spouses into Britain.

Activists campaigning for the preservation of rights of EU citizens say they do not want the Home Office involved in the registration process as the department could not be trusted to not make mistakes and ruin people’s lives. “At the moment, the3million has no confidence in the Home Office registering 3 million people”, said The3million campaign group.

Rudd confirmed that a Home Office white paper on immigration is to be published before the end of this year.

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