There are about 3 million Brazilians descended from Poles currently in Brazil. Immigration occurred in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially after World War II. The most of the immigrants from Poland moved to the south. And a smaller part to the southeast and center-west of the country.
Some Brazilian celebrities like Dan Stulbach, Rodrigo Hilbert, Serginho Groisman and ministry Ricardo Lewandowski are some well-known names in Brazil that have Polish origin. If you have a European descendant from Poland and you have doubts if you can get to this citizenship. Understand a little about how the rules work and what are the key steps to take.
Who has the right polish citizenship
The right to citizenship always begins with the person of the oldest generation. The citizenship has no generation limit. So if you have a Polish descendant in the line of succession, there is the possibility that you also have the right to citizenship. But, the legislation of Poland is complex, each case has a specific solution for each family.
It is important to know the date the immigrant moved to Brazil. For this will be necessary for confirmation of citizenship. If the Polish relative arrived, for example, in Brazil, before 1918 it is necessary to get the proof of registration made at the consulate of Poland. If Polish relative moved after 1918. It will be necessary to provide at least one of documents by the Polish authorities; passport; identity card and military wallet. In possession of these documents, the proceeding starts. But, it will be necessary to verify if this right has passed to you.
When the documentation is complete and corrected which confirms by the Polish consulate. The citizenship and the process will send to Poland. While the process is in progress, Poland may request further documents and/or extra information. All documents must have filled in Polish. The process is fast, and confirmation of European citizenship is ready from 1 to 4 months. One of the main advantages of having dual citizenship is to be able to live in the 28 countries of the EU without the need for a visa.
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