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Getting through British customs is one of the main concerns of people who go to London and any other places in The UK for tourism purposes or to visit family and friends. We are shortlisting some tips on how to get through customs and avoid refusals.


  • Have your passport in hands;
  • Make sure you have easy access to your return ticket, hotel booking confirmation or invitation letter, travel insurance and all other documentos your might need to prove anything about your trip;
  • Don’t use the phone and don’t take pictures of the place;
  • If you are with family and friends, avoid chatting or being loud;
  • The environment is surveilled by rigid security; avoid suspicious attitudes and keep calm;
  • Hats must be taken off for the interviews;

A visitor must go through customs if:

  • They’re leaving the United Kingdom at the end of their visit;
  • They will not live in the United Kingdom for a long period of time of make the UK their home by visiting frequently;
  • They are genuinely looking to enter the country for a purpose such as tourism, certain entrepreneural activities, a paid compromise, or a free licence festival;
  • They don’t intend to do any prohibited activities, such as working, studying or receiving any payments in the United Kingdom;
  • Being able to provide enough capacity to support themselves financially and cover all costs related to their visit without working or asking for benefits or public funding.


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