European parents of children born in the United Kingdom are being warned that their children may face difficulties after Brexit if they do not have documentation to stay in the UK. According to an article published by immigration experts at the University of Birmingham and The Guardian newspaper.

The consequences for those who have not obtained British citizenship for the children of two EU citizens living in the United Kingdom are serious, according to the British newspaper. “Where neither parent is British at the time of the child’s birth, a child will later struggle to prove the British citizenship to which he or she is from birth,” said Colin Yeo, one of the authors of the University of Birmingham article .
Parents of the European Union are being encouraged to document the status of their children as soon as possible if they are to avoid hostile immigration control, which could mean measures such as closing bank accounts, withdrawing driver’s licenses and withdrawing job offers .
There are no number of children born to two EU citizens in the UK, but researchers believe they are millions. Children born to EU citizens in the United Kingdom are not entitled to British citizenship if they were born after 2000, when immigration rules changed. But they could remain in the country as EU citizens under EU law. They will need to prove that they have the right to be in the country when they turn 18 and this will activate the rights of their parents after Brexit.
Yeo says children who do not have citizenship when they are adults and want to live in the UK post-Brexit can “fight” if their parents have not documented their stay in the country. Currently, EU citizens are not required to register or get any documentation in the country and, after Brexit, the child will need to somehow locate, many years later, in adulthood proof that their parents were legally here while were children.

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