Theresa May proposal: EU citizens will need to apply for a new Residence Document

Theresa May proposal: EU citizens will need to apply for a new Residence Document

Prime Minister Theresa May has released details of her proposal for the estimated 3.2 million Europeans living in the UK in an official statement published on Monday 26.

All EU citizens resident in Britain will have to apply for inclusion on a “settled status” register if they want to stay in the country after Brexit under Home Office proposals.

In summary, the UK is proposing:

– A cut-off date will determinate the change of rights for the Europeans who arrive in UK before or after it. The ‘specified date’ will be no earlier than the 29 March 2017, the date the formal Article 50 process for exiting the EU was triggered, and no later than the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

– EU citizens who have resided in the UK for five years and continue to be resident in the UK will be entitled to “settled status”.

– Those who arrived in the UK before the “cut-off date” but have not lived in the UK for five years will be allowed to remain until they reach five years, when they will be given “settled status”. Before that, they will need to apply for a “temporary status visa”.

– The “settled status” will not be automatically conferred; all EU nationals, including those with permanent residence documents, will have to make an application

– All applicants who apply for settled status or temporary status (if they have not yet completed their 5-year residency) will have a special residence document card

– The residence document will enable EU citizens (and their families) living in the UK to demonstrate to third parties (such as employers or providers of public services) that they have permission to continue to live and work legally in the UK.

– The Home Office will provide a period of blanket residence permission, to start immediately upon the UK’s exit from the EU. The blanket permission period will provide EU citizens (and their families) in the UK time to make an application to the Home Office and to receive their residence document. This period is expect to be up to two years after the UK`s exit from UE.  EU citizens will be able to continue to work or study here under the blanket permission period.

– The family members of those who arrived before the UK exits the EU will be eligible for “settled status” after five years as family members of EU nationals. For those in the UK for less than five years, they will also be allowed to apply for “temporary leave” until they reach the necessary five years for “settled status

– Family members arriving after the UK leaves the EU will be subject to the same rules as those joining British citizens, or to the “post-exit immigration arrangements for EU citizens” (of which we have no details so far)

– The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) will not have jurisdiction in the UK. UK gov will create new rights in UK law for qualifying EU citizens resident here before the exit. Those rights will be enforceable in the UK legal system

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