London, October 21st 2017

Become an agent

Would you like to increase your income? Become an agent of our services. We provide the best options in student cultural exchange, immigration advice, travel packages and opportunities for investment in properties in Brazil.

We are pioneer in these services in the UK since 2001. We provide accurate information and personalized services to communities around the world, under the direction of Brazilian Francine Mendonça and with the support of highly qualified team of professionals, in various fields ensuring quality and safety, from beginning to end.

We offer various types of consulting:

Specialized in all types of visas to the UK (student, marriage, work, fiancé, marriage)
Same-sex civil union visas
Visas for many countries
British, Portuguese and Italian Citizenship application
Tax rebate assessment
Cultural student exchange programs
English, undergraduate, graduate, MBA and Ph.D. courses
Opening of business
Certified Translations
Recognition of undergraduate diplomas in the UK
Travel Packages
Preparation course for test “Life in the UK”
Land investment opportunity at Tambaba Resort in Joao Pessoa-Brazil

LH4U has agreements with more than 200 language schools and universities in the UK and other countries around the world.
All institutions we partner with are duly recognized by the British Government regarding its quality status.


◊ Our licenses:
.: OISC (Office of The Immigration Services Comissioner)
.: ILPA (Immigration Law Practioners Association)
.: JCWI (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants)
.: Companies House
.: London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
.: Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Great Britain
.: Ministério do Turismo do Brasil
.: Embratur
.: Britcham

We are looking for effective companies whiling to maximize their profits by offering the best services in immigration and cultural exchange!

The agent’s commission is progressive, starting from 5% per package and a host of advantages!

Want to provide quality services to customers and increase your revenue? Become a agent and broaden your horizons!

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