London, February 6th 2016

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  Prime Minister David Cameron is working to reduce immigration and social benefits to migrants following the claim that the British public wants large reductions in immigration. Would you like to draw your own conclusions? Here are some of the immigration facts released by the UK Office for National Statistics. 1 – 16 percent of the labor force […]

  Every year, thousands of immigrants trying to enter the UK are taken to detention centres while officials look for ways to deport them. In addition to people who are stopped at UK air and sea ports, the centres also accommodate immigrants who have been detained without visas, asylum seekers and other foreigners awaiting deportation. […]

  Qualified professionals who receive a job offer should get a Tier 2 visa to work in the UK. To apply for the visa, an applicant must have a guaranteed employment contract through a licensed sponsor who will issue a valid certificate of sponsorship. The candidate must also achieve a sufficient score in the system that […]

Migrants may be charged to use the NHS, says Jeremy Hunt. The government is considering charging some of the services provided by the NHS via the Cost Recovery Programme The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said the proposed changes to be introduced in 2017 would recover up to £ 500 million a year and this money would go […]


Deportation from UK

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Deportation or removal? There are two ways used by the UK to exile individuals from the country: the deportation order and the removal order. What is the removal of the United Kingdom? It occurs when the Secretary of State shall issue a removal notice to a person, informing him that this is bound to leave […]


How does the income tax declaration work in London?

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Finally you found work in London with regular contract, and paying fees… but how does the income declaration work in the UK?First, we need to know that the British fiscal year begins every 6th of April and it ends on the 5th of April of the following year. And how does the income declaration work […]

Through the Cartório Mais services offered by LondonHelp4U , Brazilians living in the UK can now apply for notary services in Brazil, even from abroad, quickly, practically and safely . Among with other services offered by the franchise Cartório Mais in London, we offer: seeking certificates, approvals, as well as marriage and divorce by proxy […]