London, October 21st 2017

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The announcement of the referendum which could see the United Kingdom leave the European Union (EU) is of concern to Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and many other European citizens living in the country. Also worried are Brazilians with dual nationality who have European passports. The reason is the uncertainty about how the immigration laws, after a […]

Qualified persons Qualified persons have the right to reside and work in the UK for as long as they remain a qualified person. Qualified persons are European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who are either job seekers; workers; self-employed persons; students with comprehensive sickness insurance and the economically self-sufficient with comprehensive sickness insurance. European Economic Area […]

  Learn more about the “Life in the UK”, test which is part of the requirements for all immigrants planning to apply for permanent residency or British citizenship. In 2002 the British government created the test “Life in the UK” in order to assess applicants knowledge of British life and English language. The test can […]

The UK government believes that there are more than 1 million illegal immigrants living and working in the UK. The Home Office is cracking down with more restrictive laws to reduce the number of illegal immigrants living in the UK. Our experts dispel some of the myths regarding illegal immigrants. 1 The government doesn’t know […]

Having a passport from a country that has diplomatic relations with a large number of other countries, allows citizens to travel more easily. The ranking below is based on how many countries the holders of each passport can visit without having to apply for a visa. Countries that are ranked lowest and have the least […]


You ask and Francine answers!

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You ask and Francine answers. Every day we receive hundreds of questions from people all over the world! One of the most popular is… I want to live and work in London but I’m not from a European country, how can I make my dream come true? Foreigners who to live and work in London […]

From April 2016, non-European workers living in the UK for more than five years will have to prove a minimum income of £ 35,000 a year. This new requirement does not affect immigrants who are pursuing permanent residence through a different route, such as Brazilian partners of European and British citizens living in the UK. The new requirement, published […]