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Ensure your visa for the Olympics Games and avoid headaches

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We are less than 100 days from the official opening of Olympics and Paralympics Games, held on July 27. If you have an acquaintance or family member planning to come to London to watch the competitions and cheer for our Brazilian athletes, tell them not to take the risk of spending hours and hours in airports and ensure their visa before traveling. The Border Agency expects over a million visa applications, therefore, as soon as it is requested, the more likely the person will have to get it without headaches. The British government ensures that the country’s doors are open. However, be sure to allow time to pass through them. To help our friends, we selected some important tips in time to arrive in the UK.

What happens at the country’s border
When the tourist arrives at the border, they must show the following items to the officer:

• The passport;
• A valid visa;
• A landing card filled out.

Tourists must satisfy the officer of the Border Agency in relation to the requirements of the Immigration Regulations. Even if the person does not have a visa, it should show certain official documents to support their application to enter the UK. The passport will be scanned, the officer checks the landing card, and the visa will be stamped in the passport. The officer may also request more information about the visit before allowing entry. If it is a tourist visa, the fingerprints will also be verified.

Heathrow Airport will feature exclusive lines for athletes and delegations
During the games, tourists who pass through Heathrow airport, the largest and busiest of the English capital, will notice special lanes for athletes, members of delegations, coaches, accredited media professionals and other staff. Because many people will be extremely increased, the process of arrivals will be different. The important thing is to follow the signs to the appropriate windows.

What can you bring to the UK
There are rules about what kind of goods tourists can bring without paying tax (VAT). Some items are also prohibited or restricted by law. These restrictions apply even if the traveler is a citizen of the United Kingdom, who is returning from abroad.

Never bring counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, offensive weapons (including knives), or indecent or obscene material. It is important to remember to fill out the form that will be distributed on the airplane to ensure that all information is correct before you sign a legal statement in your visa application form. Any visa applications without supporting documents will be refused if the visa officer is not satisfied. Submission of false documents or false information can lead to a ban of 10 years to apply for a new visa in the UK.

Money and Health
Another important tip is about money. If you are charging the equivalent of 10,000 euros or more, you must declare it when entering the country. Also as a guest, you can only have an emergency treatment provided by the National Health Service (NHS). That is, ensure a sufficient medical insurance to cover their stay.

VAT Refund
In the UK, Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on most goods and services. You may be entitled to a rebate on purchases at stores that offer Tax Free. If you want to request a refund when leaving the country, most of the ports and airports have signs directing travelers to the Border Agency. If not found, ask the staff at the airport or port to direct you to the Customs.

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