London, October 21st 2017


LondonHelp4U, in partnership with City & Guilds, now offers English tests in Sao Paulo for visa and professional qualification purposes

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Giselle Ribeiro

Dear reader, despite the competitiveness of the market and how immigration laws are becoming tougher, 2012 has been a great year for LondonHelp4U so far. We are proud to say that on the first quarter of 2012, and the whole year of 2011, we had 0% of rejection on submitted visa processes. We have grown competitively; our commitment with the Brazilian community, and Latin America, reaffirms itself through the number of citizens we help monthly to remain legally in the United Kingdom. Regarding student exchange, we now partner with the best educational institutions; among them are language schools and universities. Now, we are proud to announce that we are expanding our range of services through a successful partnership with leading educational provider City & Guilds, whereby LH4U’s branch in Sao Paulo – Brazil will become an English testing centre to provide candidates with the chance to certify themselves with the renowned City & Guilds. The idea came about in consideration of the flow of changes in the immigration laws, also to provide the quality that City & Guilds has to offer when compared with other brands.

In Brazil, there are a few centres licensed to certify people with worldwide certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL, which are the most famous ones at the present time. Cambridge is a certificate not many people choose to have, when compared with the former ones. City & Guilds has been doing much more in the field of vocational education in Britain since 1878, when it was founded. IELTS, the most famous one at the present time, has only been providing its services for over 21 years, and the certificate is only valid for 2 years, even when taken up to advanced level. City & Guilds is a certification you take for life. It is also the biggest name in vocational education in the UK, with 2 million learners working towards one of their qualifications every year, ranging from languages to industry manufacture qualifications. The City & Guilds Group includes: City & Guilds Pitman Qualifications, specializing in IT, office-based qualifications and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), ILM (the Institute of Leadership & Management) providing management qualifications. City & Guild’s Land Based Services is the UK’s largest awarding body in the land-based sector – encompassing agriculture, horticulture, forestry, animal care, conservation, machinery and more. City & Guilds also manages the Engineering Council Examinations on behalf of the British Engineering Council. It also comprises The Centre for Skills Development (CSD), a research and development body, working to inform and improve policy and practice in vocational education worldwide, employing over 1000 people and awarding 1.9 million certificates every year.

There are more than 8500 centers in 81 countries all over the world. When the first exams were set in Britain, back in 1878, options included alkaline manufacture, wool dyeing, telegraphy and qualitative blowpipe analysis – vital work-based skills of the day. City & Guilds is not just responsible to deliver English language certifications but relevant training qualifications for colleges and employers with 500 qualifications in 28 industry areas, with an ongoing commitment to improve the landscape for education, both in the UK and across the world. That’s the reason why we have decided to partner with them to deliver a life-long English certificate to Brazilians, recognized worldwide. To start with, LH4U will provide candidates with up to advanced level English test; for tier 4 path and immigration purposes. Now that the British Government has set A1 English level as standard for spouse visa applications, LH4U will be able to help candidates looking for certifying themselves for this matter in Brazilian soil. Moreover, anyone willing to have a renowned certificate issued by a leading body should consider City & Guilds. To find out more please email To book your test in Brazil just send an email to