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LondonHelp4U is specialized in foreign student exchange. Our study programs range from language courses to Master degrees. With over 10 years in the market, we guarantee our clients satisfaction! Below are some of the packages available.

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Why study in London?

London is the capital of England, which is the birthplace of the English language. If there is one place on earth where you can learn the legitimate English, this place is here.
is a cosmopolitan city, being in London means meeting people from all over the world.
Studying in London is a cultural plunge. The capital is home to the oldest and largest museums, theatres, galleries and the best universities worldwide.

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Schools recognized by the British government

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Why do a course in Ireland?

Ireland is the birthplace of the great writers of the English language, such as James Joyce, Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. There are also great bands and interpreters, such as U2, The Coors, Enya and Sinead O’Connor.
The diversity in Ireland`s history, culture, architecture and cuisine is internationally recognized. Who ever heard of green Irish gnomes, the pot of gold found at the end of the rainbow, or the pint of Guinness?
In Ireland, the student of English can still get the visa that entitles them to work.

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20 hours of work per week, 40 hours during vacations.

Schools recognized by the British government.

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Why do a course in Scotland?

Scotland is a country with important historical traditions. Many kings and queens of Britain were Scots. Its culture is very rich, especially in dance and music, represented by the famous bagpipe.
The country has the most beautiful and lush landscapes of the United Kingdom, formed by mountains and lakes, as the Lock Ness and the Highlands. The Scottish castles are also an attraction.
Despite being known as the coldest country of the British Isles, the Scots are far from it. People are welcoming and friendly and full of stories to tell.

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