London, October 21st 2017

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Much has been said about the decision of the British Ministry of Borders on the cancellation of the license not only of London Metropolitan University, which at the present time can not sponsor or receive international students from outside the EU, but also many other educational institutions which of as well as Metropolitan University also […]

London is the perfect city to study English this year. With the Olympics and the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee, the British capital will offer even more opportunities to improve your fluency in the language, and why not, new experiences. However, all interested in coming to London should be aware of the requirements for the visa. The […]

All current Tier 4 sponsors, if they are not already subject to inspection or review by 1 of the designated educational oversight bodies, must apply to the appropriate body by the relevant deadline as detailed in the current sponsor guidance. These inspections and reviews will take place throughout 2012, and the results of each inspection […]

Dear reader, if you are tuned with all the changes happening with the immigration laws you may have noticed the government’s commitment to reduce the number of immigrants in Britain. As a result of laws already imposed immigrants, who enter the country legally, must prove that they have intellectual capital, and those wishing to settle […]