London, September 21st 2017

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  Prime Minister David Cameron is working to reduce immigration and social benefits to migrants following the claim that the British public wants large reductions in immigration. Would you like to draw your own conclusions? Here are some of the immigration facts released by the UK Office for National Statistics. 1 – 16 percent of the labor force […]

  Qualified professionals who receive a job offer should get a Tier 2 visa to work in the UK. To apply for the visa, an applicant must have a guaranteed employment contract through a licensed sponsor who will issue a valid certificate of sponsorship. The candidate must also achieve a sufficient score in the system that […]

Migrants who work in the UK illegally will face up to six months in prison under a new law set to be brought in. The Government has released details of its new Immigration Bill today, which will also include new powers to shut down businesses who employ people without the right to work in the […]

The British Government is committed to reducing immigration to levels considered by it as sustainable. In a time of high unemployment, the government believes to be sure employers in the country employ professionals in the local market. At the same time they believe that skilled workers from overseas can play important support in the British […]