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Tax rebate

Tax rebate

Tax, in the essence of its meaning, is a financial requirement imposed by the government for the establishment and maintenance of certain essential services to society. HM Revenue and Customs is the responsible body to regulate the tax collection in the country, ensuring that its citizens are devoting a percentage of their income to the government, but not all are obliged this requirement. Basically, a citizen under 65 years with annual income of up to 7.475 pounds need not to pay taxes, while those who earn more than that shall pay 20% of their earnings to the British government – a percentage that may vary for people with revenues above of 34,800 pounds per year. For more information on this please visit A foreigner, or even a national, working in the United Kingdom, must make themselves aware of the percentage of taxes they are paying monthly. It is possible to be paying more taxes than you should. This is due to a number of factors, so if you find that you have paid more taxes than you should, please contact us, we’ll help you to get those back.

Sit back and let LondonHelp4U collect your taxes back, and even earn a discount!  Simply refer a friend to collect their taxes with us so the total commission will be 10% of the amount received, instead of the usual 15%.

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How do I know my annual earnings?
Through the P60 and P45, documents which all nationals and residents in the UK, with a valid National Insurance Number (NI) should receive at the end of financial year, which begins on April 6 and ends on 5 April the following year.  The P60 is sent to the tax payer, at the end of April showing all information related to earnings and taxes paid during the fiscal year, whereas the P45 is sent upon the termination of the employment contract. It contains the same information available on the P60, until the date of departure from the company, who is responsible for issuing and this document to the ex-employee.

What fees can be reimbursed?
Those that, for some reason, were overcharged and this can be done at any time and not only upon leaving the country, as many think. Also, there is a myth that once taxes had been returned is not allowed to continue working at the firm any longer, but this is not true. The amount received was paid over to the government and, therefore, is a civil right, which poses no problem between employee and employer. To know whether you have any amount to claim back please contact’s through the e-mail

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