London, October 21st 2017


World Pride in London

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Do it with pride – show off your Brazilian to the world 

(By Victor Fraga)

Swing, sweat and passion will hit the streets of Central London this July 7th as an exclusively Brazilian float joins the 2012 World Pride in the British capital.

But Brazil isn’t all about lust and carnival anymore. The waking giant is now a key global player as the country becomes the 6th largest world economy, surpassing the UK. Brazil has also become increasingly influential in socio-political matters, as it wrestles for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. The country was also the first to propose including gay rights in the charter of Human Rights, as early as 2004, only to face fierce resistance from the bigoted and oppressive governments in the likes of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, the highest court in Brazil, has recently legalised gay marriage in the entire country, and legislators are now fighting to convert this into law. Brazil is also home to the biggest LGBT popular gathering in history: São Paulo Gay Pride has amassed up to four million people yearly. They celebrate diversity, love and social inclusion in a truly vibrant and colourful mode.

You too can get a taste of all of that and help Brazil show to the rest of the world that it is possible to combat homophobia in a hot, sexy and yet set and determined fashion. Add your voice, your swing and your sweat to the collective flame of rapture and tolerance. Hundreds of thousands are expect to attend, and many more will follow on television. Our message must be strong and clear.

Don’t forget to dress up. Images say as much as words, and if your frock is truly impressive you can join us on the float. So dig out your sequin dress, your wigs, your high heels, your leather, your chains, your havaiana flip-flops, your narrow thong, your string-back knickers, your fresh Brazilian – or whatever represents freedom and joy to you – and join us at the top of the world for a couple of hours as the moving float sets off from Baker Street (at 13:00) to Whitehall, where the parade will convert into a unique, gigantic party. The route is approximately two miles long.

Bring your friends along! Each and every one of you is important, so make yourself heard and seen. Be sexy, be sassy! Scream it out loud and proud!

The Brazilian Float will be also hosting the party “Guanabara is coming out of the closet” on Wednesday 4th of July for the Brazilian gay community in the UK. It will be a warm up party for the parade itself.

LondonHelp4U is an official sponsor of the World Pride parade.