Family Visa: how to bring family members to the UK

Many immigrants living in the UK have questions about bringing family members to England. You must apply for Family Visa for that. Here’s who’s qualified to bring dependents and how the process works:

Who can bring dependents?

Those who wish to become family providers in the UK, must be British citizenship holders or have Permanent Residence in the country.

“It is also necessary that the provider has a minimum annual income, plus an extra income for each dependent,” explains Francine Mendonça.

Who fits as a family member?

– Children and grandchildren: for children under 21, it is enough prove to have custody. For those over 21, it is necessary to prove that they are economically dependent on the provider

– Parents and grandparents: it is necessary to prove that they need the help of the provider and that they had previously lived together

– Adopted: regularly adopted family members and by laws recognized in the UK, have the same rights as other dependents

Extended family members

Brothers, uncles, cousins ​​and nephews can also become dependent. However, proof of dependency by the British government is stricter. It is necessary to show that both family members already had a strong bond previously, beyond the economic necessity.

How to apply?

If you would like to bring some family members to live with you in the UK, please contact LondonHelp4U. We are an immigration company with 18 years of experience in visa and citizenship processes.

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  1. Eliany Reply

    Sou casada com europeu e resido há londres há aproximamente dois anos, meu irmão mora comigo( ele tem mais de 21 anos) acabei de receber meu residence card, posso aplicar para ele?

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      Eliany, vamos entrar em contato através do seu email para enviar as informações sobre como podemos te ajudar neste caso. Obrigado!

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