Golden Visa: guarantee residence in Portugal through investments in the country

Golden Visa: guarantee residence in Portugal through investments in the country

Created by the Portuguese government to boost the economic growth and attract more investments to Portugal, the Golden Visa is a great opportunity for those who want to reside or do business in the European Union.

Through investments in Portugal is possible to apply for the gold visa that allows the holder to settle for 5 years in the country.

You can apply to Golden Visa making a personal investment or through a company in Portugal. The investments you can make to qualify for the visa are:

– € 500,000 in properties

– € 350,000 in properties with more than 30 years of construction or located in urban rehabilitation area

– € 500,000 in investment funds for small and medium-sized enterprises

– Set up a business employing at least ten employees

– € 350,000 in scientific research

– € 250,000 in artistic production and preservation or conservation of cultural heritage

– € 1 million in the financial market

The investment chosen must be maintained for a minimum period of five years from the date of granting the visa. The Golden Visa is granted on a temporary basis and can be renewed as long as the necessary requirements are maintained.

After five years with the temporary visa, it is possible to apply for a permanent visa. And after 6 years of residence in Portugal, the holder of the Golden Visa can apply for naturalization and become a Portuguese citizen.

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