You may have heard that birth plan and childbirth in the UK are different from countries, but calm, the professionals are super well prepared and there is no reason to worry. Let’s reveal in this post what the first steps and how you will be attended during pregnancy. So check it out!

“I am pregnant and what I have to do now?”

The first step after the detection of pregnancy is to inform your GP, this is the clinic that you are registered. If you have not done so, there is no reason to worry, you just need to mark for a surgery near your address. You must complete a form, prove identity and evidence of residence.

After reporting the pregnancy clinic, a time will be scheduled with Midwife around the 8th week of gestation.

Whom are the midwives?

The midwives are trained professionals to take care of the woman and the baby during gestation and also in the delivery and support, although they do not perform surgeries and in these cases, only the doctors.

How are the consultations?

Shortly after the first consultation with a midwife, you will receive a book that will register all your history. This book will always have to be taken in all consultations and examinations until the day of labor. All follow-up will be done by the midwife, only in case of the high risk that will be accompanied by a doctor.

The consultations are in weeks already pre-defined, which can change if it is the first gestation or not. The midwife will examine you in addition to requesting other exams. You will also be eligible for an ultrasound on the week of the twentieth and twentieth weeks or when considered necessary.

During consultations will also be discussed about childbirth and hospital. After birth, the follow-up is continued through the 3rd month by a Health Visitor (social worker) to check if the mother is well and how is the baby’s development.

An important tip: all pregnant women and mothers of babies up to 1 year have free dental treatment.

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