Imigração de cidadãos europeus é a mais baixa dos últimos cinco anos, segundo relatório da ONS

o que eu posso e não posso levar para o Reino Unido

The ONS, Office for National Statistics, published this week its’ latest report on immigration numbers in the United Kingdom. According to the study, the number of immigrants that come from EU countries is the lowest in the last 4 years. The number of immigrants coming from eastern european countries, such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Poland has gone down, but the real plummet was in the number of immigrants from countries such as Germany, Italy, France and Spain, hitting a low record of an almost 50% decrease. 

The report has also pointed that the number of citizens in the EU that come to the United Kingdom looking for work has dropped 33%. In the meanwhile, the number of people who come to the United Kingdom looking for a definite job has remained stable. Even though the numbers have decreased in comparison to the last 4 years, the report concluded that immigration rates are still high and still growing, specially when it comes to people who are from non-EU countries. Those who are not part of the Euro zone represent nowadays over twice the amount of European citizens who immigrate to the UK. 

To the British Government, the United Kingdom needs to work in order to drop the immigration rates that have been rising each year, and see the decrease of european immigration as a positive aspect. According to authorities, there has been a reduction in the number people who enter the United Kingdom in search of temporary jobs, but an increase in the number of immigrants who look for study, definite and qualified jobs. 

Liquid migration is still high in the UK, with around 282 thousand new immigrants every year, a number still a lot higher than the Governement’s aim of 100 thousand. 

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