Theresa May will put her Brexit deal to a vote—for the fourth time

A new vote on an exit deal proposed by Theresa May now has a date: the week of June 3. It will be the fourth time that the House of Commons votes on May’s Brexit deal, after rejecting it in each prior vote. From CNN.

European elections 2019: where the parties stand on Brexit

UK elections to the European Parliament are fast approaching, and the candidates contesting the elections have now been confirmed in each of the 12 electoral regions. Here is what we know so far about how the main parties are preparing for the 23 May polls. From BBC.

3,500 Indians applying for UK visa every day

The 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales. Probably this is why as high as 3,500 Indians are applying for a United Kingdom (UK) visa on a daily basis, according to agencies involved in facilitating UK visa. From Times Now.

EU settlement scheme doesn’t work, say couple held at airport

The first flaws in the new immigration scheme for EU citizens who want to remain in the UK after Brexit have been exposed after a couple who live in Oxford were blocked from getting a flight back from Turkey to the UK. From The Guardian.

Illegal immigration to UK will rise after Brexit, study suggests

The report by the Social Market Foundation said closing legal migration routes after Brexit would lead to more people trying to enter and stay in the UK illegally. It said politicians who claim that Brexit will solve public concerns about immigration should “come clean” about the actual consequences of ending free movement. The study analysed previous cases where immigration was restricted and entry policies tightened, including Britain ending unrestricted migration from Commonwealth countries in the 1960s and the US stopping a programme for Mexican workers in 1965. From Independent.

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