Around 100 thousand people protested this weekend in favor of the UK remaining in the European Union. The day marked two years since the referendum that favored Brexit happened. The demonstration took place from Pall Mall to the Parliament Square, filling the capital’s streets with signs and European Union’s flags.

The demonstration was the largest since the voting in 2016. The leader of the Democratic Liberal Party, Vince Cable, told the crowds that Brexit “still doesn’t have a deal” and that the decision of leaving the EU could still be reversed, while the Green Party’s co-leader, Caroline Lucas, said Brexit “will be a disaster to this country”. The protesters also demanded more participation of the British population in voting the acceptance or refusal of the deal that is being held between United Kingdom’s prime minister, Theresa May, and the European community.

Last week, the secretary of foreign relations, Boris Johnson, asked Theresa May to deliver a “complete British Brexit”, lined up with the declarations of the secretary of International Commerce, Liam Fox, who believes the United Kingdom was not bluffing about being prepared to leave the negotiations with Brussels.

Fox highlighted that the economic impact of a “no deal” Brexit over the members of EU would be severe, while Boris Johnson added that the British population would not tolerate a “soft, flexible and apparently indefinitely long” Brexit. A research carried by the Centre for European Reform (CER) indicated that Brexit had already made British economy 2,1% weaker than if voters had decided to remain in the EU.

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