British citizens may have to pay for mandatory visa to travel to EU countries

A project in the European Comission proposes that the United Kingdom is included in a list of countries that are exempt of not from visas. Martin Selmayr, official of the European Comission, stated last week that the UE must decide whether or not if British citizenships will need visas after Brexit. If Great Britain is included in the mandatory visa list, travellers may be charged £ 52 for a 90-day short-stay visa or for the period of 180 days. Alternatively, if Great Britain is included in the “exempt from visa” list, United Kingdom’s citizens will not need visas. The informations are from the Standard.

United Kingdom demands that doctors and nurses apply for visas

After increasing the pressure, United Kingdom’s government has announced plans to exempt doctors and nurses from a limitation in the number of visas available for qualified workers from non-UE countries to enter the United Kingdom.

Immigrant children: the global protest on separations in USA borders

Theresa May has described Donald Trump’s politics of separating immigrant children from their families as deeply disturbing and wrong, but has justified her decision to receive the president of the USA in Great Britain next month.

Pope Francis said he supports USA’s catholic bishops, who stated this was “immoral”. The congress, controlled by republicans, is under pressure for Donald Trump to change his politics. The information is from the BBC.

Americans believe immigration is good for the USA

Most Americans support immigration and do not believe it should be reduced, even with Donald Trump promulgating harsh politics alongside the USA-Mexico border. More Americans see immigration as a positive aspect in society, with almost 75% of the people who were interviewed claiming “it’s a good impact on this country nowadays”. This is the highest number since the year of 2001. The information is from the Independent.

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