The EU and UK have agreed on a 585-page text that covers citizens’ rights, the Brexit divorce bill and unlocked the thorny issue of avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Transition period

Michel Barnier said the withdrawal agreement ensured there would be a transition period of 21 months with the possibility of an extension by mutual agreement. The agreement actually says that the period could be extended to the year “20xx”.

“No guarantees”

Barnier also conceded that securing backing for the provisional Brexit deal struck with the UK would be difficult as he unveiled a new customs union along with a joint pledge to keep the EU and UK in permanent regulatory lockstep.

One thought on “Legal Minute: UK and EU officials have agreed the draft text of a Brexit agreement”

  1. How can it be March next year? its a joke EU will keep us there as long as possible to get as much money out of our country as long as they can. They know it’s a big blow for them losing 16 billion GBP ever year and we were only getting 3 billion back. Even Germany and France want out now.

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