According to Business Insider, the number of job offers has hit a record high, with 824 thousand vacancies available in the United Kingdom. This is the highest number of job offers since the year of 2001. During the period in which the data was analysed, 32.4 million people employed, which represents the largest number of people employed in the United Kingdom since the 1970’s. Besides, wages have increased more than the inflation, showing a real increase to incomes in the United Kingdom.

The number of British citizens who believe immigrant workers are good for the United Kingdom has increased

The amount of British citizens who believe immigrant workers are a positive impact in the UK’s economy has risen to 47%, according to a research by British Social Attitudes. Just over a third of the British said the same in 2015, and only 21% in 2013. According to CNN, the results suggest the the attitude towards immigrants has weakened since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Detention for indefinite time may soon be over, Home Office secretary says

The Home Office secretary, Sajid Javid has announced that indefinite immigrant detention may be extinct in response to a highly critical report published by Stephen Shaw. In a note to the Parliament, Sajid Javid said that he would review the detention time and how it works in other countries for a better debate in the United Kingdom. The information is from The Guardian. 

Theresa May has announced she will personally conduct Brexit negotiations

There may has announced she will personally take control of Brexit negotiations with the EU. The announcement has ben made through a written declaration by the prime minister, making the change official. Dominic Raab, the minister who had been named repsonsible for the process will now be limited to be just May’s advisor.

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