New law for portuguese citizenship by marriage

Portuguese citizenship by marriage is not as simple as other citizenships. However, a new law that came into force may make the process easier for those who wish to apply for it.

Portuguese legislation provides that a foreigner who has been married for more than three years to a Portuguese citizen has the right to apply for the Portuguese citizenship. The first step is to register the marriage in Portugal, if it has been made in another country. In addition to all the required documentation, one of the necessary requirements is that the Portuguese citizen spouse has a connection with the Portuguese community.

It is required to prove the link with the community through trips to Portugal, regular participation in   the cultural life of the Portuguese community, activities with the Portuguese cultural and recreational associations, recommendation letters of Portuguese citizens and other proofs of the link between the applicant and the community.

If the marriage is annulled or a divorce occurs after the acquisition of nationality, the spouse still has the right of the citizenship.

New law
According to with the new law, those who are married for more than 5 years with a Portuguese citizen, no longer need to prove the connection with the Portuguese community. It is required that the applicant be native of a Portuguese-speaking country, such as Brazil, Angola, etc. Or, prove your knowledge in the language.

The new law should increase the number of successful applications for citizenship by marriage, as the connection with the Portuguese community was one of the main reasons the processes were dismissed by the Portugal government.

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