New law for portuguese citizenship by marriage

New law for portuguese citizenship by marriage

Portuguese citizenship by marriage is not as simple as other citizenships. However, a new law that came into force may make the process easier for those who wish to apply for it.

Portuguese legislation provides that a foreigner who has been married for more than three years to a Portuguese citizen has the right to apply for the Portuguese citizenship. The first step is to register the marriage in Portugal, if it has been made in another country. In addition to all the required documentation, one of the necessary requirements is that the Portuguese citizen spouse has a connection with the Portuguese community.

It is required to prove the link with the community through trips to Portugal, regular participation in   the cultural life of the Portuguese community, activities with the Portuguese cultural and recreational associations, recommendation letters of Portuguese citizens and other proofs of the link between the applicant and the community.

If the marriage is annulled or a divorce occurs after the acquisition of nationality, the spouse still has the right of the citizenship.

New law
According to with the new law, those who are married for more than 5 years with a Portuguese citizen, no longer need to prove the connection with the Portuguese community. It is required that the applicant be native of a Portuguese-speaking country, such as Brazil, Angola, etc. Or, prove your knowledge in the language.

The new law should increase the number of successful applications for citizenship by marriage, as the connection with the Portuguese community was one of the main reasons the processes were dismissed by the Portugal government.

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27 thoughts on “New law for portuguese citizenship by marriage

  1. Melwyn Furtado Reply

    Thanks for the information Thamyres.

    When you say “It is required that the applicant be native of a Portuguese-speaking country, such as Brazil, Angola, etc. Or, prove your knowledge in the language.” – Does it mean the applicant needs to prove his/her language skills if born in non Portuguese speaking country?

    • Thamyres Ferreira Post authorReply

      Goog Morning Melwyn,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Unfortunately, only one of our professionals can give you the right information.

    • Sagar Punni Reply

      Hello, my name is sagar I had done marriage with Portuguese citizen register in Portugal and now we have two and half year of marriage on of my colleague in work told me that I can apply my nationality 6 month earlier the date of 3years is that true?

      • Marketing Post authorReply

        Hello Sagar, our team will send you an email with the information about Portuguese Citizenship by marriage. Thank you!

  2. Annette Dos Santos Reply

    Please can you email me with regard to the new laws for Portuguese Citizenship through marriage. I have been married to a Portuguese citizen for 30 years and have been living in Mocambique for an extended time period. I am the holder of a South African passport.


    • Thamyres Ferreira Post authorReply

      Good afternoon Annette, we can help you!
      We recommend that you make an appointment with us so that our experts can better understand your questions, take your questions and see what you can do.
      We ask you to contact us at 44 (0) 207 636 8500 if you are in the United Kingdom or send us an email at

      Thank you and best regards!

  3. Jody Rasteiro Reply

    My husband and I were married in South Africa in Decemeber 2014 and need to register our marriage in Portugal, and the birth of our son.
    Where can I find more information on this?
    We have been back in the UK for a year

  4. Claudia Reply

    I have a question… next month i will get married with a Portuguese citizen.. I’m from Romania .
    And the wedding will be here in London .. can you help us to register the marriage to Portuguese embassy?

  5. Julie pires Reply

    I have been married to a Portuguese man for 35 years, as he speaks Portuguese do I need to take a test, I am from the UK

  6. Reza Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am married to Portugese national for more 5 years and have 2 kids, we live in London thats is the reason I dont speak Portugese languange.

    Can I apply for the nationality.

    Many thanks
    Reza Karim

  7. sadra Reply

    hi, I am married to a Algeria but he has a South Africa passport and Algeria passport am Portuguese and we have been together for 17years can he became a Portuguese citizen we have 3 kids together and they have South Africa. passports . would also like them to be Portuguese.


    Good day,
    I am a Portuguese citizen since 2015 (thru registration, as parents born during Portuguese ruling Goa, India )
    I am holding a Citizen card and Portuguese passport and likewise for my 2 sons.
    Wish to apply for a Citizen card for my wife. My marriage already registered in Portugal.
    How do I proceed further to get my wife a Citizen card for travel? and subsequently a passport.

  9. Errol Jude Monteiro Reply

    I am a spouse of a Portuguese National, married for 27years. We have 2 kids who are both Portuguese nationals. We have even a house in Lisbon.
    I do not speak Portuguese. Can I qualify for citizenship? I hold an Indian Passport living in the UAE for 32 years.

  10. filip Reply

    good evening sir.., I am from India and my girl friend has obtained Portuguese nationality now. we gonna marry soon. some people says that, i will get five years residence card after SEF and that CARD eligible rights to work in EU countries and no need the visa to go to UK. is it true or just rumours please kindly answer me. thanks.

  11. Bernice Reply

    please can I have more information on laws for Portuguese citizenship through marriage . I am married 10 years to a Portuguese citizen born in Portugal lived in South Africa. I am South African currently living in Uk .

  12. Ashwani Reply

    Hi i am indian citizen.
    Married with portuguese girl 5 years
    In i am in portugal.she is not with me.still i can apply citizenship in portugal without her.if you can make good advice.that will be bonous for me

  13. MCR Reply

    Please advise the time taken after we apply for the portuguese passport in Lisbon (thru marraige )

    • Marketing Post authorReply

      Hello, our team will contact you via email with information about Portuguese citizenship. Thank you for your message.

  14. Anthoneta de Melo Reply

    Hello my name is Anthoneta de Melo ..I am a Portuguese passport holder and came to UK last month…I would like to register my marriage in Portugal… What is the procedure ….can you please guide me…thank you!

    • Marketing Post authorReply

      Hello Anthoneta, we can help you! Our team will contact you via email with all the information. Thank you!

  15. Dina Ferreira Reply

    I have been married for 37 years since 1982. But the Portuguese Consulate in South Africa keep telling me that I need to meet a lot of requirements to get registered as a Portuguese Citizen. My marriage is already registered in Portugal and both my sons have Portuguese passports and they are in the UK. I speak Portuguese non-fluently and I cook the Portuguese way. I have a lot of Portuguese friends in South Africa, Mozambique and Portugal.

    • Marketing Post authorReply

      Hello Dina, our team will send you an email with more information on how we can help you with Portuguese citizenship. Thank you.

  16. Luis Braganca Reply

    I am a Portuguese national living in London for 20 years. My wife of 27 years
    ( got married in Goa) want to obtain Portuguese passport. How do go about doing our marriage registration? We both also have British passports.

    • Marketing Post authorReply

      Hi Luis, we will send you an email with the information about Portuguese Citizenship. Thank you!

  17. Maria V Reply

    Hello. I’m a Portuguese Citizen and my husband is from India. We are married for 31 years now and our marriage was registered in Portugal in 2015. I want to apply for my husband’s Portuguese citizenship. Can you tell me what documents you would need yo apply for my husbands citizenship? What will be the cost and what is the timeframe. I live in UK. My son’s birth registration process is in the final stage as well.

    • Marketing Post authorReply

      Hello Maria. Thank you for your message. Our team will contact you via email with more information about Portuguese Citizenship by marriage.

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