The best dog friendly places in London

For who love to have dogs company during fun moments, there are several places in London with dog-friendly attractions. The Standard website has elected a list of various incredible places to do with your four-legged friend.

Paddle boarding 

The three-hour Dog & Human SUP group sessions run during the spring and in the summer and start by Kew Bridge with a stop at the pub half way in. If you’ve missed the sun, the club also run Canoe sessions in the autumn that depart from the Royal Canoe Club in Teddington. Helped by an instructor every paw of the way, up to one or two humans can squeeze in with their four-legged friends per canoe or kayak.Life jackets are recommended and basic obedience training is required.

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GoBoat  London  

 The self-drive electric (and eclectic) Go Boat experience sails through Regents Canal around Paddington, Little Venice and all the way up to Camden Locks. Up to seven human passengers can choose between a two or three hour trip zigzagging through tunnels and will have the chance to ‘gram everything from London Zoo to Camden Market. Picnics are welcome onboard at no extra cost, and blankets and umbrellas are provided on those rainy days.  

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Tower Bridge Experience 

Tower Bridge Exhibition features two 42m-high bridge walkways with stunning city views and a glass floor, as well as a Victorian steam engine room buzzing with history. Dogs are welcome on leads on the walkways, as well as in the engine rooms. Advice: go early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Lifts are also available so you won’t have to pick your pup up for the climb.

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Peckham Rye Rooftop Film Club  

Open from late Spring until early Autumn, the Peckham Rye Rooftop Film club sits atop the Bussey Building and is one of the three dog-friendly cinema clubs in the capital. It screens cult classics and new releases with stunning views over the London skyline. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a stunning sunset, too. Wireless headphones and comfortable deckchairs reign supreme up here, as well as blankets for those unwelcome chilly days. Aside from the movies, expect a load of fancy drinks and snacks at the snazzy bar.

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The Murder Express  

If your dog does not mind loud noises, how about boarding on a train that will take you on an unforgettable journey? You will enjoy drinks and a selection of courses from a delicious menu.

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A Puppy Social & Doga Session  

Created in 2012, by London-based yoga teacher Mahny Djahanguiri, Doga (dog yoga) hopes to achieve positive attachment, greater harmony and a sense of calm between humans and their dogs. The session combines yoga, meditation, gentle massage, and stretching, and can be practised with small or large dogs. The sessions also can be booked all year around, indoors or outdoors depending on the season. 

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Smith & Whistle – Cocktails for Dogs

The limited-edition dogtail menu (a cocktail menu for dogs basically) was so popular when it launched back in the spring that it’s now become a permanent fixture at Smith & Whistle. Dog beer (chicken stock) and Pawsecco (a herbal infusion) are served in glam shiny bowls at the bar only. Other refreshments include a coconut water based concoction prepared by a canine mixologist.

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Attend a Pet Charity Event 

Meet other pups and make loads of new human friends throughout the doggy calendar year.  From a rally to end puppy farming on Primrose Hill to a march to stop tests on dogs in the UK (or Brexit), several charities helps raise funds to help re-home puppies and promote animal welfare all over London. 


10 best cities for work in the UK

Thinking of migrating to the UK to work, but are you in doubt in which city to go? The Startups platform launched a study into the country’s best places for all the things that make the daily grind that bit easier. The analysis ranks cities is not only the number of available jobs but also the quality of life and the balance between personal and professional life, considering the transport in the city, the presence of cafes, bars, supermarkets, and co-working spaces.

1# – Newcastle 

Besides the cost of living being much cheaper than in London, transport was a key factor to win the race. Newcastle is one of the few English cities to have a tube, with monthly travel cards costing an average of only 50 pounds.

After a hard day’s work, the city is the ideal place for workers to relax, with plenty of leisure options.

# 2 Birmingham

The second greatest city in Britain, with a population of almost 2.5 million, is also the second best city to work for and is also considered a great place to start a business with many co-working spaces.

# 3 Manchester

Manchester comes in third place, following the top three ranking for most factors: number of cafes, bars, and supermarkets, especially transport.

# 4 Sheffield

Manchester comes in a very respectable third place, following its top three ranking for most factors: number of coffee shops, bars and supermarkets, but especially when it comes to transport.

# 5 Glasgow

Glasgow is the only Scottish city to elbow its way into the top five places to work. There are a thousand bars (third place, behind London and Manchester), it’s still possible to get some work done.

# 6 Londres

London is a buzzing capital by any measure, and attracts workers from all corners of the world. All that action comes at a cost, and that’s where London falls down. Just getting to work sets most people back over £130 a month, more than double other popular work hubs like Newcastle, Birmingham and Manchester, which all made the top three.

#7 Edimburgo

Scotland’s capital has the second highest number of coffee shops (nearly 500), and almost twice as many bars for when it’s past coffee-hour. But it’s also home to some of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses – plus 14 co-working spaces, so you can rub shoulders with them.

# 8 Nottingham

Solidly in the top ten is Nottingham, former home of Robin Hood, and now a whole series of well-looked-after workers. This urban centre has a good mix of transport links that go easy on the purse strings, along with 11 co-working spaces to choose from.

# 9 Southampton

Southampton is the go-to work city for those who aren’t bringing in the mega bucks, but still want a decent quality of life. It has one of the cheapest monthly travel costs (around just £40 on average), and plenty of food and drink places to spend your extra change on.

# 10 LiverpoolMuch more than the place where the Beatles came, the city of Liverpool is a great place to work, start your business and still have a good quality of life.


The Best Things To Do In London This Autumn

Autumn in London reaches from the end of September to the end of December and is a time when the temperature is regularly decreasing, varying from 8 to 15 degrees. Despite the shorter days and dropping temperatures, London is even more beautiful with the colors of Autumn, especially the parks. With this in mind, we have selected various tips on events and places to go in this Autumn. Have fun and enjoy the city in the best way this season!

BFI London Film Festival

It is an important annual film festival held in the United Kingdom, which takes place in the second half of October with the collaboration of the British Film Institute. It features more than 300 films, documentaries and short films from approximately 50 countries.

Dates: 10th October to 25th October.


Museums at Night

Several museums across the UK open their doors to exciting nightly events and spectacular nightly performances.

Dates: 25th October to 27th October

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London Jazz Festival

It is the greatest urban music festival happens annually in November. The event has been acclaimed and recognized for offering famous artists and emerging stars. The Festival remains a wide audience and continues to be one of the UK’s most important musical events.

Dates: 16th November to 25th November

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Totally Thames Festival

It is the annual celebration of the River Thames happens during the month of September.

Dates: 01th September to 30th September

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Fireworks Night (Guy Fawkes Night)

Annually, on November 5, the British celebrate the day King James I survived the attempt against on his life on November 5, 1605. Especially in London, people still light fires and fireworks on several points of the city, is a beautiful spectacle to watch.

Dates: 05th November

Parque Hyde Park, Regent’s Park e  St. James’s Park

 There are several parks in London, and in autumn they are even more beautiful. Enjoy!

London Cocktail Week

The London Cocktail Week is a great option for lovers of drinks.

Dates: 01th October to 07th October.

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Brexit uncertainty for EU workers in UK

Three-quarters of European Union workers currently in the UK would have been ineligible to come and work in Britain if a future government acted on recommendations made by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) this week. Following the new immigration system suggested by the MAC, the UK should prioritize highly skilled workers with minimum wage jobs of £ 30,000 per year, while low-skilled immigration would be controlled.

Since the announcement of Brexit, with uncertainty about the future labor situation of European citizens, the British market was already feeling the negative impact on the availability of candidates for temporary or permanent jobs. Following the new rules, UK companies are likely to suffer even more from the deficiency of workers, which could have a disastrous impact on the British economy, which is why many argue that instead of trying to absurdly reduce migration the government should encourage employers to pay and train more.
With regard to the labor rights of European citizens, the report of the surveys carried out by the institute states that most British workers support the continuation of the rights of EU workers after Brexit. 73% of the people surveyed support the protection or extension of the Working Time Directive, while the same percentage wants to broaden or maintain the rights of temporary workers.

The study suggests that the best method of harmonizing workers’ rights across the UK and the EU would be a “common set of rules” approach. These rules would be updated over time to cause any new EU employment legislation into UK law. However, this approach can only be taken in the case of a “high integration” relationship between the UK and the EU where there are few trade barriers. The survey also emphasizes the strong dependence of the UK economy on low-skilled labor, which would be of great concern to businesses, especially hospitality, such as hotels and restaurants, construction and health.