There is a growing concern that as the date of Brexit approaches, 29 March 2019, thousands of EU citizens living in the UK still do not realize that they need to apply for the status of residence, settled status, to stay in the country. The fear is that people may feel confused by the new rules of immigration in the United Kingdom after Brexit and run the risk of a catastrophic rupture if they do not guarantee the right to remain.

Some European citizens who have lived here for many years, during which they have worked and paid taxes, believe that this is sufficient to guarantee their status and are not aware of the newly established status that will be presented until the 29th of March. There is also concern about the groups of people considered “vulnerable”-as victims of trafficking, domestic violence or mental disorders-which usually avoid direct help to the Home Office due to fear or because they do not have access to information.

The government has announced that all EU citizens who have lived in the UK for five years or more will be able to apply for “settled status” as of March 2019-the formal date of the Brexit. However, if the new scheme for European citizens is not clear, it can make it extremely difficult for these people to have access to health care, work, and housing.

The Home Office ensures that vulnerable people will get the support they need and that the system reaches all Europeans on different platforms. Home Office is expected to disclose an application pilot by the end of this summer and the full service will be released in “phases” until the beginning of 2019. The candidates will have between June and June 2021 to complete the process.

Source: INews.


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