The forecast of some specialists on the negative and chaotic impact that Brexit could bring to the United Kingdom has apparently started materialising. According to The Independent, the government has been alerted on the impact Brexit will have on the economy: official numbers from the government’s office reveal that immigration has decreased, while the number of job vacancies is still high.

Statistics show that population growth has plummeted to the lowest rate in a decade, after a decrease in 12% in the number of immigrants the year after the referendum. There has also been a decrease of 43% in the number of people who immigrated to look for work in the past year.

Politicians, charities and companies have released a warning to congressmen about the negative effect Brexit is having on the workforce, insisting that the current decline in the number of EU workers cannot be easily reverted and may lead to economic problems.

The National Office for Statistics, that released the numbers, has stated that the EU must be one of the main boosts for change. In the 12 months after Brexit, there has been an increase of 9% in the amount of people who have left the United Kingdom, and a decrease of 12% in immigrants that entered the country, according to the numbers. The Home Office did not wish to make any comments.

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