Política de imigração do Reino Unido deve favorecer aqueles procuram por emprego, diz secretário britânico

The UK’s secretary of International Commerce, Liam Fox, has stated that an immigration policy after Brexit must favor those who want to come to The UK to look for work, because there will be more job offers. “I believe the public can differentiate between people who come here with a job and contributo to the economy, and those who, in the right of free circulation, have been able to come to the United Kingdom and use our public services, without ever having contributed to the country”, Fox said to LBC radio.

“In the future we need to pay attention to how we combine our job opportunities with our immigration policies”, he added. The UK government still hasn’t explained which kind of immigration policy it intends to introduce after Brexit, but according to The Guardian, the guidelines will be published in October. The government’s aim is to decrease immigration to the limited number of 100.000 people a year, even though the target has never been reached. 

Sectors of UK’s economy depend on workers from other EU countries, like agriculture and healthcare. Around 5,6% of NHS staff are EU citizens, and there have been repeated warnings that healthcare services could be interrupted if The UK can’t easily recruit foreign professinals. 

The politician has stated that Brexit is not “the only question in discussion”, and highlighted the possibility of getting more companies of all sites from emerging countries to come, including China and Africa. He said: “it is really interesting that when I go to China, when I go to other parts of the world, they talk about global economy, taxes, United States and China, they talk about the WTO [World Trade Organization]. Brexit is an important issue, but it’s not the only matter that is outside in terms of global commerce”.

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