Student Visas for the UK: all you need to know

Student Visas for the UK: all you need to know

The UK has some of the world’s best recognized education institutions. General English, Short Courses, Masters Degrees and MBAs, there are several options for who wish to have a study abroad experience to develop their career. However, many students don`t know which visa they should apply to study in the UK. Check below all you need to know about the Students Visa for UK.

Up to 6 months – For courses up to 6 months, whether general English or an academic course, it is not necessary to apply for visas. Upon arrival in the UK, you will need to submit all documentation relating to the course, such as the letter from the educational institution and documents regarding where the student will be staying. The student can not work in the period.

Short-Term visa – For who wish to study in the UK in courses from 6 to 11 months, it is necessary to apply for the Short Term Visa. The visa is valid only for General English courses and for educational institutions which are recognized by the UK Immigration Agency. The student must have the financial resources to maintain throughout the course period. It is not possible to extend this visa after 11 months in British territory. You must return to your country and request a new visa. The Short-Term Visa does not allow students to work and bring dependents to the UK during the period they are studying.

Tier 4 – ier 4 can be used for a General English course for a longer period, and is also required to study in the United Kingdom for higher education (Undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, etc.). You need to have an offer from an educational institution recognized by the UK Immigration Agency. Candidates must be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language, with a certificate recognized by the Home Office at the intermediate level, and have enough resources to maintain them during their stay. Students have the right to enter the UK one month before the start of the course. Those who are taking a course at the undergraduate or higher level can work part-time.

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