United Kingdom will face less heat in the next coming days

After over a month of temperaturas above the average in England, the heat will finally come back to levels considered to be normal for British summer. After a weekend of high temperaturas and the month of August starting with over 30 degrees, weather specialists expect the heatwave to be over this week.

According to the Met Office, it is still possible that the mercury will rise up to 33 degrees in London, and to 34 in areas such as Norfolk and Essex. After that, however, it is expected that temperatures will come back to what Britons consider to be normal, and with rain. 

In this heatwave, the Met Office, in partnership with the NHS, has even published alerts that instructed the population to be safe from the heat in order to avoid risk of sunstroke, and classified the temperatures as one level above of what would be considered a situation of national emergency. The temperatures even hit a record high, being the highest ever registered in England until now. In other parts of Europe, such as Portugal and Spain, the mercury hit 44 degrees in the past few days. 

To meteorologists, it is likely that temperatures will become mild – around 20 degrees – and that the British summer will be normal again, without the heatwaves. 

The information is from Metro.

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