Italian/Portuguese Citizenship

Having an Italian or Portuguese passport means having the same rights and duties of any European citizen, including the free access to European Union countries and the United States. European citizens do not need visas to work in the UK or other European countries.

LondonHelp4U offers comprehensive advice to individuals who wish to apply for Italian or Portuguese citizenship, including how to search for ancestors’ certificates. If you have ancestors born in Italy or Portugal and an interest in becoming an European citizen but don’t know how to go about it LondonHelp4U will guide you through the procedures.

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I used the services of LondonHelp4U when I got my visa at the beginning of 2015, the process was quick and smooth, with no headaches, so I recommend this company. Congratualtions to the whole team for their efforts and assistance!”

Adalberto José Prado
Adalberto José Prado

Company 100 % reliable. When I most needed Francine Mendonça and her entire team was there to help me. I thought my case was lost, not because I don’t have rights, but because before I was represented by irresponsible lawyers. With LondonHelp4U it was completely different, I received full attention!

Mila Tom
Mila Tom
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