It is not a myth. London is one of the cities with the highest cost of living in Europe. The explanation is simple. The English capital is one of the destinations in the world to immigrate and this causes rent prices to rise. It’s people coming and going in search of renting. However, the latest news shows that rent prices are falling and thus encouraging those who wish to live in London. LondonHelp4U has prepared a step by step for you to rent the dream house in London.

First: You need to decide the region. London is into six zones. We recommend zones 1 and 2, closer to the center. The more distant you live, the cheaper is the rent, but, the more expensive the ticket on the underground is. The logic is this. You need to balance what you want.

Second: Search for apps and sites. Decided to go to the area, there are several options: Zoopla, Gumtree, Spare Room and One Room. We recommend that you do not transfer money without having visited the place. See the distance from the underground, supermarkets and GPs. Some sites are able to know every detail of the region as crime levels and age of the population.

Third: You do not need sharpening in London. But, you need to mind about the expenses of renting a home. It requires deposit money. Which is usually six weeks. You can get this amount back when you leave the house. Plus the agency fee and plus one month’s rent in advance. You can not forget the internet, energy, gas water, council tax and home insurance. But, you can choose to pay the rent with bills included.

Tip: If you visited the place and liked it. Make the offer. Do not leave for another day, as the demand is constant the risk of losing to another person is very high.

Prices: Search a lot. You can find studio from 800 (with bills included) in zone 2 and houses with two rooms for 1500 pounds.

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