Temperatures are still high in The UK

For over a month, the United Kingdom has been facing high temperatures. The British government has issued a level 3 heat alert for east and southeast regions. The level 4 is already considered a national emergency. The alert must last until Friday, because it is expected that temperatures will hit their peak between Thursday and Friday this week. 

According to the BBC, some areas in England have hit 34 degrees, and the Met Office does not rule out the possibility of temperatures hitting over 34 degrees.

Besides everything, the current heatwave still has not overcome the one in 2015, when London registered 36 degrees, the highest temperature ever registered in the United Kingdom. Adding to that, the United Kingdom is facing a dry season, with rain levels under 20% of what is normally expected for this time of the year.

The NHS and the Met Office recommend that people avoid the sun during the heatwave and have extra care with small children. The Met Office also advises to avoid exposure to the sun between 11 AM and 3 PM, and to keep hydrated to avoid risk of sunstroke. In some hospitais, the number of patients arriving because of the heatwave has already equaled to the ones admitted in winter because of respiratory diseases.

*Photo: BBC

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