Do you want to go to Brazil?

Here is how you can travel, stay, live and work there.

LH4U is an immigration company based in the UK for over 18 years. Our founder and CEO is a  Brazilian businesswoman and immigration advisor certificated. Most of our clients are Brazilian citizen and most of the professionals in our team are also from Brazil. Therefore, we have extensive knowledge about the country and we fully comprehend legal information, documentation process and visa requirements. In addition to that we are also connected to the most reliable partners in Brazil.

Brazil is a wonderful place to live, and it is exciting to discover the amazing cultural offer of this marvellous land. Newcomers should spend time learning the language and enjoying the sights and sounds, while we look after the paperwork.

If you are planning to go to Brazil, you need to have in mind the purpose and length of your stay in the country and then our consultants will be able to assist you with the right visa that suits your needs.

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Oh! Are you already in Brazil?

No problem, our team can help you to stay with the visa that suits you better.

LH4U & Immigration Consulting

Our services are provided with the partnership between LondonHelp4U and Immigration Consulting, a Brazilian based company that operates in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We are a dynamic team of qualified professionals, comprising lawyers from Brazil and Argentina. We speak your language.

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