Despite advances in women’s empowerment and gains in women’s rights, we still have a long way to go in pursuit of equality and protection for women. The visa for victims of domestic violence is one of the rights that is still unknown by women in the UK. Some are suffering psychological and physical abuse for fear of losing their right to housing and leave the country. The victims of domestic violence may apply for permission to live in the UK by separating and denouncing the attacker.

The Home Office is the government agency responsible for immigration. Defines domestic violence as any behaviour violent or abusive. Who are or have been in a relationship, and between family members. Violence can be psychological, physical, sexual or emotional. Who applies for a stay visa under the protection of this law do not need to prove their knowledge of the English language nor to apply for the Life in the UK test.
The person must prove evidence of the abuses that suffered during the relationship. The government recommends that victims report the police, seek advice from immigration consultants. Domestic violence can occur with anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality. Unfortunately, it is more common for men against women. It affects one in four women in the United Kingdom, according to the British institution Rights of Women.
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