Thinking about improving your English? How about watching some British series? Apart from training the accent, you still attain by historical facts and learn more about the local culture. Check out these 5 proposals we have for you!

1 – Downton Abbey

This award-winning British series is set in the twentieth century and follows the life of the English aristocratic Crawley family. The name of the series comes from the fictional rural estate Downton Abbey, where the family lives in the Yorkshire region. The story also follows the servants beyond the members, Crawley.

A full plate for lovers of drama and history. Unfortunately, the series was completed in 2015 after the sixth season, but fans can celebrate as they recently reported that a movie will soon be produced.

2 – The Crown

Do you like to accompany a royal family? So this series is for you! In addition, to training British English, you still learn a little more about the history of Queen Elizabeth II. Produced by Netflix, production begins with the Queen’s life from her marriage in 1947.

There are already two seasons available in the streaming service and the third is already confirmed for the beginning of next year. The series has won much acclaim to awards such as Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series and Best Actress in a Dramatic Series.

3 – Sherlock

Who has never heard of the detective Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan? Now imagine if they would happen these days. Did you? That’s exactly what the show brings. Follow Sherlock’s cases and his fun way of solving the crimes with the help of his faithful friend Dr. John Watson.

The four seasons available on three long episodes in each one that will catch you from beginning to end. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the principal role and has done a great job. Sherlock is also available through the Netflix streaming service.

4 – Luther

The excellent actor Idris Elba plays a dedicated detective. John Luther is extraordinary in solving crimes, but he needs to control his personal life as he deals with his behavior in relation to some psychological factors that surround the cases in the Luther series.

Produced by the BBC and available by Netflix, the police drama returns in its fifth season, still without a date of a debut, after three years that the production had been closed.

5 – Call the midwife

If you admire and want to know more about the work of professionals known as a midwife, be sure to follow the Call the Midwife series. Past the 1950s, this period drama brings back memories of a newly formed midwife living in East London.

These female heroes tended and cared for pregnant women and their babies in a poor region of the city at the time of the post-European war where the country was in chaos. The six seasons are also available through the Netflix streaming service.

Remember an important tip to train the English language: the original audio helps you memorize and train the audition for the British accent, but it is worth putting the subtitles in your mother language to learn the translation of the unknown words.

Tell us about your favorite British series!

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