There are two types of fiancé visa. One for those who want to get married in the UK, but do not intend to reside there. The second is for those who have the intention to stay and reside in the UK. For those intending to marry a British citizen or a permanent resident, it is necessary to prove a competence in English at the A1 level unless the first language is English. In addition the British partner must be able to prove that they have a minimum annual income of £ 18,600.

For those who wish to marry a European citizen (excluding British citizens) or a non-European citizen is necessary to prove that the fiancé is established in the UK, has indefinite leave to remain or permanent residence.


After marriage applicants may apply for a spouse visa within the UK since the ‘fiancé entry clearance visa” previously granted is still valid. This rule is only valid for those who entered on a fiancé visa with the intention of staying and residing in the UK.

A spouse visa lasts for 2.5 years and can normally be extended for further a 2.5 years, once five years has been completed applicants can apply for permanent residence. To obtain a visa it is necessary that the applicant has proof of competence in English at the A1 level and to extend A2 or B1.

The successful application for a spouse visa requires that the partner living in the UK has a minimum annual income of £ 18,600. This amount increases if there are children involved in the visa application.

Children and/or relatives

Family members can apply for visas as dependents if the sponsor is British or permanently resides in the UK. The sponsor must have a minimum annual income of £ 18,600 and an additional £ 2,400 per annum for each additional dependent.

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