With over 22 years of experience in immigration, LondonHelp4U understands the importance of choosing the best immigration adviser for your personal circumstances. That is why we constantly strive to improve by offering a complete one-stop-shop service to fulfil customer needs. We realise that immigration processes can be stressful and we pledge to hold your hand every step of the way, answering your questions, dispelling your doubts and keeping you fully informed of the progress of your application.

Value for Money

To ensure value for money LondonHelp4U has fixed prices for consultations and applications. No matter how complex is your case or how much work has to be done you will be guaranteed a fixed price service, with no hidden costs along the way.

Visa Refusals

At LondonHelp4U we love a challenge. We accept complicated cases or applications that have not been successful yet. We offer a free phone or e-mail assessment to discuss visa refusal letters.


LondonHelp4U ensures that your personal information is kept confidential and stored securely.

Process Step by Step


First Consultation

A detailed discussion of your individual circumstances, your options, estimated timings, and a list of all the documents required for your chosen application and the costs involved. Click here to choose your adviser and book your consultation.


Return Consultation

You are entitled to a free return consultation with your adviser, you can use this to ask further questions, update your status, consider changing your application or to start your application.


Starting the Process

Once you decide to let LondonHelp4U make an application on your behalf we formalise the process by writing a complete and detailed client care letter setting out what LondonHelp4U will be expected to do for you and its obligations to you. Once this client care letter has been signed by both parties then your application process starts.

We check and evaluate each and every document requested from you and complete the extensive official documentation ready for dispatch. The sooner we receive all your documents the sooner your application will be dispatched.

The detailed client care letter details the costs of your application which can usually be spread over a period of nine months.


Home Office Application

As soon as all your documents are received your application is sent to the Home Office.


Visa Receipt and Case Closure

We will inform you immediately on receipt of your visa.

First Consultation

At your first consultation you will discuss in detail your situation and we will inform you of your options and advise you of your best option. You will receive a list of all the documents you need to gather in order to make your application. Your consultation normally lasts from 30-45 minutes and can take place in our central London offices, by Skype or over the telephone. Your consultation is a paid for service and the charge is dependent on the complexity of your case and the adviser you choose.

Starting the Process

After your first consultation we offer a free return consultation normally should take place within 30 days. Once you decide to start your application we will assist you in the preparation and evaluation of all documents and forms. In addition to your immigration application we offer English tests (A1 & B1), certified translations and notary services, in our one-stop-shop approach.

Home Office Application

Once we have received a Home Office decision on your application we will contact you immediately.

Closing Case

Once we have a decision on your application we will contact you immediately.

Get accredited help with your application

We are members of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in the UK. Registration number F201700029.

Why choose LondonHelp4U

  • 22 years of success in immigration applications
  • We offer great value for money with fixed prices and no hidden charges.
  • Our service is fast efficient and trouble free. Our one-stop-shop approach allows you to book English tests, translations and use our notary service.
  • Our service is tailored to your individual needs. We offer consultations in many languages, in person, by Skype or over the telephone at a time to suit you. Our 24 hour help line service is always available in case of emergencies

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What our clients say

I used the services of LondonHelp4U when I got my visa at the beginning of 2015, the process was quick and smooth, with no headaches, so I recommend this company. Congratualtions to the whole team for their efforts and assistance!
Adalberto José Prado
Company 100 % reliable. When I most needed Francine Mendonça and her entire team was there to help me. I thought my case was lost, not because I don’t have rights, but because before I was represented by irresponsible lawyers. With LondonHelp4U it was completely different, I received full attention!
Mila Tom
Reliable, competent and agile professionals. We hired LondonHelp4U twice and both times we achieved our goal. Congratulations to the whole team! We recommend the company.
Edina Chioatto
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