Marriage by Power of Attorney in Brazil

Did you know that it is possible to marry without having to be present at the ceremony? Marriage by proxy is an increasingly common practice, and Brazilian law allows this type of marriage, even without the absence of one of the couple or even of both.

If it is impossible for one or both sides to attend the place and date of the civil marriage ceremony, it may be celebrated through the presence of attorneys-in-fact established by the bride and groom by a public power of attorney made in a notary’s office, granting special powers to the trustee to receive in name of the grantor, the other party in marriage. This power of attorney may be made at any notary’s office, but it must be done exclusively for this specific purpose and has a maximum validity of 90 days.

LondonHelp4U recommends that a public power of attorney be given giving the right person only the right to perform the marriage ceremony. The power of attorney must be made by the Brazilian Consulate in the case of the Brazilian spouse. The foreign spouse who does not have Brazilian citizenship must perform the power of attorney at one of the public notaries located in the United Kingdom. The Brazilian Consulate offers a list where you can choose the nearest public notary. For more information, please contact CartorioHelp4U. CartorioHelp4U is part of the LondonHelp4U group.

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