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O que ainda está em discussão sobre o Reino Unido e a Irlanda com Brexit

LEGAL MINUTE: the latest news about Brexit

It’s been a quiet few months, but behind closed doors (and on zoom) Brexit hasn’t gone away. Talks between the EU and the UK have continued through the pandemic, and are about to get a lot busier this summer. From BBC


British citizens living in the EU may face significant work and travel hurdles from next year because member states have failed to get to grips with the impact of Brexit on their rights, MPs have been told. From The Guardian


MPs have backed flagship immigration legislation which seeks to end EU freedom of movement rules in the UK. From The Sun


EU supporters expressed their woes on social media after the clock struck midnight and Britain could no longer request a Brexit delay. From Express


British MPs have approved the government’s immigration bill which aims to end EU freedom of movement rules in the UK, one of the key factors that led to Brexit. From Euronews


Scotland could face a labour shortage if the UK Government presses ahead with its planned migration reforms, a new report has warned. From Daily Record


Almost 60,000 people living in Northern Ireland have applied for the settled status scheme, so they can live and work in the UK post-Brexit. From BBC

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LEGAL MINUTE: UK immigration news

Some 70 per cent of Britons believed the crisis demonstrated the importance of immigration to running essential services. From iNews


Immigration rules that have left 1 million migrant workers in the UK at risk of destitution because they cannot claim universal credit should be suspended on public health grounds during the pandemic, a cross-party group of MPs has recommended. From The Guardian


The U.K. tech sector is trying to encourage entrepreneurs affected by President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions to move to the U.K. and start a company in a city like London. From CNBC


There are an estimated one million undocumented workers in the UK. The coronavirus pandemic has presented them with a new set of challenges and fears over how to maintain an income, remain healthy or even stay alive. From BBC

LEGAL MINUTE: HO has no idea how many are in the UK illegally

Free visa extensions should be given to all foreign NHS and social care workers, a group of MPs has said. It is “unfair” that some of the lowest paid workers face charges of thousands of pounds to stay in the country, ministers have been told. From BBC


Boris Johnson will warn the EU today Britain will choose a no-deal Brexit if a trade agreement is not struck by the end of next month. The threat comes despite the head of the World Trade Organisation suggesting that doing so could slow the UK’s economic recovery from coronavirus, and that a deal similar to current arrangements would be better for jobs. From Daily Mail


“The UK’s ‘new’ points-based immigration system isn’t fairer, faster or firmer – it’s complete nonsense” From Independent


Brussels is asking European governments to select together the countries to whom they will first give the green light. The decision it says should be based on factors “including the health situation, the ability to apply containment measures during travel, and reciprocity considerations.” From Forbes


Home Office ‘has no idea how many people are in the UK illegally’. From The Guardian


“The Home Office must clarify the legal basis for the offers of visa extensions”, says the Home Affairs committee of MPs in a coronavirus report published. From Free Movement


Boris Johnson promises to refund NHS workers forced to pay immigration health surcharge. From iNews

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LEGAL MINUTE: quarentine and immigration in the UK

QUARANTINE restrictions could descend into chaos on the first day after a Home Office spokesman admitted it was “very hard to imagine how it would work in in practice”. From The Sun


Coronavirus (COVID-19): If you’re a resident or visitor travelling to the UK, you must provide your journey and contact details, not leave the place you’re staying for the first 14 days you’re in the UK except in very limited situations (known as ‘self-isolating’). From Gov.UK


British nationals who have spent months apart from non-EU spouses have expressed fears that their separation will become permanent as mass unemployment and furloughing as a result of the Covid crisis could leave them ineligible for visas. From The Guardian


Thousands of families across Britain have been worried they will be torn apart because job losses during lockdown have meant they no longer earn enough to be eligible for spouse visas, for which the threshold stands at £18,600 per annum. From Independent


Friday it is not going to seek an extension to the Brexit transition period, the paymaster general, Penny Mordaunt, has said. From The Guardian.


I already applied for the Settlement Scheme. What next?

See the guidelines for those who have European citizenship and have already applied for Settled or Pre-Settled Status

Despite the huge Coronavirus crisis and the constant changes that are happening in all aspects of our lives, post-Brexit negotiations are still continuing. In addition, the UK government’s scheme, which allows Europeans to stay here, remains * almost * unchanged.

It is a fact that the government continues to receive applications and Brazilians residing in the United Kingdom, who have more than one citizenship, being one of them from some country in the European bloc, have the right to remain in the country legally, through the Settlement Scheme.

Here at LondonHelp4u we have helped many families to guarantee this right and that is why we separated the main details to be aware after you make the application.

Application done!

If the registration is successful, you will receive a letter via email confirming your status: Settled or Pre Settled. You will not be able to use this message to prove your status.

View and check status

Most applicants will not receive a printed document. You can see your status online and you can also share this status if you need to prove it to an employer, or to the NHS, for example.

Who receives a document?

Only non-European citizens receive the biometric card, if they do not already have one.

Application error or refusal

If the Home Office finds an error in the process, it will be necessary to correct or also provide more evidence before they can make a decision.

In the event of an error in the Home Office decision, you can request an administrative review.

For now…

Until June 30th 2021, it is still possible to prove your rights in the United Kingdom with your passport or national identity card or even with a biometric residence document. Remember that all citizens and family members of Europeans must apply for Settlement before this deadline.

British Citizenship

In most cases, it is possible to apply for naturalization after 12 months as Settled Status.

LH4U X Coronavirus

LondonHelp4u continues to work to help immigrants to understand their immigration status in the UK. If you need immigration advice and want to guarantee your stay in the UK, contact us and our team will make your application. UK 020 7636 8500, Brazil (11) 3283 0906, HelpLineUK 24h + 44 78 91764830. WE WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS FOR FREE: send an email to