How does the point-based immigration system work?

How applicants can reach the 70 points required for a UK visa

From January 2021, under the new points-based immigration system, anyone wishing to work in the UK must meet certain requirements.

In this way, visas will be granted to applicants who reach sufficient points.

Skilled workers

Under the new system, anyone who comes to the UK to work needs to demonstrate that:

· Has a job offer from a company licensed by the Home Office
· Qualification with skill level equivalent to high school
· Fluent English
· Salary equal to or greater than £ 25,600

If the job offer is for a lower salary – but not less than £ 20,480 – the candidate will still be able to negotiate some characteristics related to his qualifications and obtain the necessary number of points.

70 points to work in the UK

Job offer – 20 points

Appropriate skill level – 20 points

Fluent English – 10 points

Salary from £ 20,480 to £ 23,039 – 0 points

Salary from £ 23,040 to £ 25,599 – 10 points

Salary £ 25,600 or more – 20 points

Work in occupation with disabilities in manpower – 20 points

PhD in a relevant subject – 10 points

PhD in a relevant STEM discipline – 20

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